Monday, February 6, 2012

Super heros, Jingle Horses, and 14 little things that I LOVED about the day

Already to Day 6 of the LOVE Challenge! It has been so much fun. Yesterday was filled with so many little moments that I loved. A simple day with oh so many things to treasure.

  • One of the things I LOVED most about the day was ...running through the horse pasture with Ellie & Penelope (age 4&5)....hands out in the air...making sounds like we were Flying Super Heros ♥
  • A close second, and equally fun was the drive to the post office with Ellie, age 4. Every corner we would squeal like the little pig on the commercial. It was funny every time
  • Below are pictures of helping J2, age 12, jingle a few horses. Proud of him. He's getting so handy.


He got the baby sorted out and was playing with her a little.
Such a nice day. Great to spend a few minutes with the kids. Couldn't of asked for nicer weather either. Just had a pair of cowboy boots February!
Another thing I LOVED about the day was hearing about my sister weekend in at elk feeding camp. Below is a picture of her riding one of the team horses up the hill to water. Bareback...she's pretty much my hero!

Here is summary of the last few days of LOVE Challenge.

Link to DAY 1 & details about the 14 Day LOVE Challenge

Lil' Red Roan LOVE ~ Day 2

  1. Fruit Tart from my baby sisters favorite bakery in Utah
  2. A slight breeze and a chimney that draws.
  3. I LOVE my Pink Sidewalk! So nice to not fight a muddy path
  4. Warmth of the sun on my face
  5. Fresh Fruit
  6. Successful sleepovers with 4 year olds
  7. Friends that have knowledge about sheep camps & rescuing dogs from sheep camps
  8. "...some men you can see everyday and never notice.....some men you can see once and they are with you the rest of your life." ~ 3:10 to Yuma
  9. TWO handsome young men running chainsaws to cut firewood....that is a beautiful sound
  10. Lil' Red Roan Shipping & Lil' Red Roan Apparel Orders
  11. A clean kitchen!!!
  12. Going out to eat the kitchen is still clean :)
  13. Adrian Buckaroogirl Painting in my living room....makes me smile every time I walk by it
  14. Making forward motion! Love getting through the check lists...piles & projects!

Day3 Lil' Red Roan LOVE ~

  1. I Love listening to Miranda Lambert's FOUR the RECORD on my way to the post office!
  2. I LOVE the BEAUTIFUL sunshine we were blessed with today
  3. I LOVE the Snow in the mountains
  4. I LOVE the glow of a HOT fire
  5. I LOVE HOT chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven...Thank You Melina Melina!
  6. I LOVE sharing Lil' Red Roan! So thankful for the orders I was able to ship today
  7. I LOVE my cute gray lace & turquoise shirt. Cute clothes make me happy
  8. Waking Up! :) Thankful for the blessing of this day
  9. Day 2...of NEW Invoices...Working on being more organized
  10. Travis Stringer Rings....just looking at the amazing craftsmanship makes me smile
  11. Love Letters from the West! Had an order today & I love getting to share them. So thankful
  12. Pretty Wild Rags...ya...pretty much love pretty things...they make me smile. Learned how to tie the Buckaroo Knot
  13. Myles Blossom...Talked to him on the phone & he is delightful
  14. Last but certainly not least....I am so so so happy, relieved, overjoyed & LOVE that I got over 9 pages of emails down to 1 page in all the email accounts. I LOVE PROGRESS & FORWARD motion :) So happy!
Day 4 ~ Lil' Red Roan LOVE
  1. Robin L. Corey, what a light & inspiration!
  2. People who fearlessly tell their story
  3. Bucking Horses
  4. Sharing things I love & believe in
  5. Woodrow, my corgi....always happy to see me
  6. Bubble Baths
  7. Tomato Sandwiches
  8. Working on projects that make 10 hours seem like 10 minutes & stoke the fire in your soul
  9. Lil' Red Roan Orders! Thank you Heather
  10. Eleni...what a great visit. Always makes me laugh
  11. "Wild Horse Stories" about little nieces certain their uncles horses are NOT broke enough
  12. Laughing!
  13. Random Text Messages from handsome strangers ....let's face it...your favorites are always a little strange :)
  14. LOVE being healthy & stronger everyday!Amazing SATURDAY! Loved every second of it!!!!!!

Day 5 ~ LOVE

  1. Homemade Salsa
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Ridding the fridge of science projects
  4. Kim Jacobs ~ Super Great Chat
  5. Super Bowl Memories from San Antonio ~ Love Melina Melina
  6. Visit from my Great Uncle Lynn.
  7. Having more than enough to share
  8. Rodeo Report from Max Max. Love him
  9. Love Eric...looked at some old pics today. Miss him
  10. Random phone calls from landlines
  11. Friends that live so far out in the country ...they use a land line to call out :)
  12. Stories that make you laugh until you cry
  13. EPIC kissing strangers in a drive thru
  14. Fun Family Party with great food & cute kiddos
Day 6 ~ LOVE
  1. Waking up EXCITED about life
  2. A big bright beautiful moon
  3. Turnpike Troubadours ~ Love them!
  4. Dinner with family
  5. Awesome stories from my sister! Love her! She's so hero
  6. Phone calls that make you smile day
  7. "every eliminator is just one wright draw away from the t.v. pen"
  8. Trips to the tire shop that involve ice cream, puppies, homework, and fun kids
  9. Warm February days
  10. Trips to the post office with Ellie (age 4) where we scream at every corner because its fun
  11. Helping J2 gather horses. He's so handy. So proud of him.
  12. Running through the field with Ellie & Penelope (age 4 & 5)...not just running...running with our hands in front of us & making sounds like we are a flying super hero
  13. Kim, Kacie, Tiffany, Pete, Wade, Max Max....LOVED getting to visit with friends today
  14. Smell of Peppermint :) Loving the new oils

THANK YOU so much for stopping in to visit Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails. I really appreciate you taking the time to say hi. ???? WHAT DID YOU LOVE ABOUT TODAY??????
Can't wait to hear about the lil' blessings that made your day!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the constant reminders to look for and celebrate all that is good!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you for reading & taking the time to comment! You just made my day. Check out your blog and am so excited to read more. Loved what I saw!