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Robin L. Corey Photography - Meet the Photographer , part 1

Today I am overjoyed to share an amazing artist with you, the beautiful Ms Robin Corey! I have loved Robin’s work for years but in preparation to share a glimpse at her amazingness….I spent hours upon hours traveling through her photography. What a trip! I have laughed, cried, loved, rode, felt, touched lived happily ever after, and was overwhelmed by the light beaming from everything Ms Robin touches. If I wasn’t already all twitterpated just looking at all the amazing wedding photography….by the time I finished visiting with Robin I was head over heels in love with all the wonderful blessings & potential the trail ahead has in store for me. Robin has a way of telling her story and a flames that burns so bright inside her….it sparks a fire inside of you too !
Robin L Photography
I asked Robin to share a lil' about her History:

I grew up in the trees and woods on the coast in Washington state, yep a coastie. My grandparents families, on my dads side, were horse people in the Dakota's. My Dads love of horses was in me from day one. I was the little girl that rode everywhere with friends growing up. I had no horse and it was the biggest emptiest hole in me that ever was. I day dreamed cowboys and sagebrush…24/7. Yep--one of "those" that wished from afar.

I started with rodeo photography and then met some folks that let me ride and take pictures on their ranch in 1986. You know what? I fit ok.....I was realistic, I didn't glamorize or romanticize….I wanted it all in a positive light without glossing over anything. I stayed out of the way and helped where I could. It was where I had always wanted to be…where I always imagined myself to be.

From there came other invitations and requests to shoot. I began writing articles to support my images. I did a few articles for Western Horseman (under Robin Barker). I visited and rode with such great Ranches as the Gang Ranch in BC--Hanley Ranch in Jordon Valley, OR. It was a wonderful time. I was where I wanted to be.
I have 2 beautiful daughters and 5 grandchildren that rock my world. They are ALL horse oriented. My oldest daughter lives on a ranch in Oregon. Her children live the life I could only imagine as a youngster. My other two grandkids live here near me with my youngest daughter. They have horses too and barrel race. I watch them and I say silent whispering prayers of thanks that everything I wanted as a child came to be.

I have had awesome horses this past 21 years and never go a day without counting my blessings. I raised and trained an awesome barrel horse that went on to be Krystal Nemitz's. I watched them in their college career and would think to myself…ah, I came far in my dreams--even if it wasn't me in the horse was there. So my grandkids ranch, barrel race and HAVE CHORES . I have an knock out mare and more gratitude than one can imagine. ....circles and trails

FRIENDS and their encouragement, hands down! Beyond that, what inspires me is my actual subjects and wanting to tell a story, wanting to show my subjects in the best light possible. I want them to look back and say--those were the days---that was when I was young, or strong, or beautiful, or happy---whatever--I want it to be positive.
What makes your heart skip a beat & race with excitement?
There are actually a couple of things from a photography standpoint.
  • First, a good strong bucking horse just being a horse--wind in his mane, nostrils flared. I actually have my heart speed up and race when I photograph them. I love watching them buck....but something about them getting to be real horses does it for me.
  • Second, is looking out on a landscape that is so large it haunts a person. My heart skips a beat because I know how blessed I am to be looking at what I am looking at.
  • On a personal note--my grandkids smiles make my heart skip a beat--those smiles flood me with light and gratitude.
What can you spend hours doing & it seems like time has just flown by?

Horn hunting!!! I ride my horse, take a lunch, and ride miles and miles looking for sheds. I am not sure why the time flies like it does...but it really does. I lose myself. I become part of the landscape and feel small next to everything that exists in our universe. It is humbling...and I think it is a good experience for anyone. It makes you appreciate being a part of something so incredible. I am not a hunter really....but I understand hunters when I horn hunt. When I find a good one (shed) I am's like finding a treasure. You hold mother nature in your hand--the strength of that horn passes in to you.

How did you get started with photography?
I started doing ranch and rodeo photography in about 1983 as a hobby. I put it away for lots of years when I married in to a rodeo lifestyle. I kept up through the years to some degree, but it has just been in the last couple years that I have decided to go back to it.

How did you get started in jewelry?
The jewelry I just sort of fell in to it. I am "crafty" and like being creative. I am a homebody--love m home, my things--supper on the stove and the safety and security of my surroundings---to sit and "work" on something makes me feel good to the core.


Moment in time that was an ...Aww Ha Moment!?
" Mindy, I am not sure there has really been one for me, or one that I can remember specifically. Aww Ha Moments seem to come to me regularly. I feel light, energy, and negativity in the form of energy....all the time.
In the movie "BUCK" he talks a bout what "feel"means...and that is the only way to explain it. I "feel" all the time. When I am in a situation, or I see something...or someone passes me in a public place....I am feeling energy--good or bad. Aww Ha moments seem to be regular and not always set apart.
I can say this--if there is a reoccuring Aww Ha Moment it would be like this:
I am on my horse. I am looking at the working cowboy and the landscape that owns his soul. I let the moment unfold as it would with or without me there. I then realize that when you want something bad enough in your life--YOU make it happen--GOD guides you there, and you better dang well be thankful.
THANK You so much to Robin for her visit. Her responses were straight from her heart and I felt like I could see a glimpse of her beautiful soul. Here are a few pieces of her photography that I can so thankful God guided her to capture. Keen eye and all heart! Enjoy!
"Robin is the most talented person I know. She has a special gift that enables her to see the beauty in everything and everyone." ~ Krystal Nemitz

"Robins photography brings out the true spirit in all her subjects."
~ Mary Roberts

As you can see....I had a really really hard time narrowing down my favorite images. Thank you again so much to Robin for sharing her talents with us today. Keep watching this week, I will be featuring more of Robin's amazing talents.
Contact Info:

Robin L Corey Photography
PO BOX 2261 Moses Lake WA 98837
509 760-2324
LIKE her on facebook: Robin L Corey Photography
Tell her that Lil' Red Roan sent ya :)
Thank you so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today and letting me share something that I love with you. Hope you enjoyed the ride through Robin's beautiful photography.
See you down the trail,
Mindy watching for more on this amazing young lady! 2 more posts in the works!
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  1. Very nice work there. So glad to be introduced by such a good post! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for reading Mary Jo! I have more of Robin's work to share soon.
    I really appreciate your comment & hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Thanks again, Mindy

  3. She is a great artist! Thanks for sharing, I agree with Mary Jo about the good post!!

  4. Thank you so much Nichole!!! So glad you enjoyed it