Thursday, July 12, 2012

Woodrow, the Working Cow Dog

Meet WOODROW, the Working Cow Dog! 

Woodrow has been a busy little cow dog this summer.  He had the opportunity to work cows with award winning Cowdog Trainer, Rodney Hopwood!  It was an amazing weekend!  Thank you so much to the entire Hopwood family and their hospitality!  To see more about Training Working Cowdogs click HERE!

Here is a peek at Woodrow's progress!  

Practicing Balance

Get in line!
Woodrow circling to the Left
Woodrow circling to the Right
I can do this all day long!
Making the Move
"Get A Hold"
"Good Boy"

Woodrow was such a good boy that he got to work the Ducks!  The ducks are used to fine tune and add finesse to your dog's handling.

Going Around to the Left
Good Balance Woodrow! 

Get back to the herd!
I said Move It! 
( No ducks were harmed in the practice pen, regardless of how exciting the pics look )
Good Games Ducks!
Rewarding swim at the water tank after a good days work.
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