Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Mr. Shorty, my friend

When a chance to get a full brother to Woodrow the CowDog came up....I couldn't resist! Meet Mr. Shorty, the newest member of the Lil' Red Roan family!  Just one month old and already a ball of fire.  Less than 24 hours at home and we headed down the rodeo trail to McCammon, ID.  Mr. Shorty took the traveling even better than expected, lapping up milk as we hauled a set of rodeo steers down the road.
Mr. Shorty in the lead! 
Buddy not far behind & Woodrow practicing his WHOA! 
During the slack, I had Mr. Shorty with me in the back pens just letting him hang out with me.  Well, a breakaway calf comes running by and he takes right into the pen full of calves after her.  It was hilarious.  For having 2 inch legs he sure can move!  It was too cute.  He did it a couple of times and I managed to snap a few pictures with my phone. 

I'll Get'em!

Mr. Shorty in hot pursuit

Mr. Shorty keeping the 2 calf in line!

Mr. Shorty, the Head Dog :)

 Working with the big dogs on the lawn today, practicing "Whoa" commands, ect.  Woodrow is less than thrilled about the new pups.  I would down him and the pups would run over to him. He knew he was supposed to stay put put couldn't take it anymore, jumped sideways away from the pups and.go down again.  It was hilarious!!! 
Here are a few pics of the current dog pack!

Left to Right: Sissy, Mr. Shorty, and Woodrow
Woodrow saying....Stay Away fro ME!
Mr. Shorty, on the move!
I'm a coming!  I'm a coming! 
Mr. Shorty, comes a running when called
Mr. Shorty and his litter mate, Buddy
Welcome to our Funny Farm!
 Thanks so much for stopping by the gypsy trail with me today!  Wishing you a great week and a FABULOUS LOVE LETTER TUESDAY!
Happy Trails, Mindy

"See you down the trail!" ~ Mr. Shorty


  1. ... Wait. Stop. My heart is breaking! This is absolutely adorable and I'm glad Shorty is taking a liking to his new lifestyle. Enjoy him - he is precious!

  2. Thanks so much :) Pretty excited about this new addition to the Lil' Red Roan family