Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin!  Days filled with so many blessings to be Thankful for and so much to LOVE!

  1. I Love neighbors who wave hello as you pass by on the highway.
  2. I Love small towns!
  3. I Love stopping at the parts store to get an ice-cream and leaving with 2 pairs of boots to drop of at Grandma's house so the girls can go ride!
  4. I Love country families raising country kids with chores and a knowledge of how to work.
  5. I Love cold ice cream on a hot day! 
  6. I Love the opportunity to help a neighbor because you can! 
  7. I Love listening to your elders talk about the past and lessons learned.
  8. I Love drives with family through places they used to go and walks down memory lane.
  9. I Love learning about what went before.
  10. I Love communities pulling together for the common good..
  11. I Love rodeos!  
  12. I Love bucking horses!  
  13. I Love the ever so slight twitch of a Bronc's ear in the chute...anxiously waiting in anticipation of a nod of the head and crack of the latch!
  14. I Love the sound of slide gates opening and the thundering hooves of broncs filling the chutes below! 
  15. I Love the ROAR of a crowd rejoicing together over a success and triumph of rodeo athletes! 
  16. I Love the opportunity to join forces with a rodeo committee or fair board to put on an event for the whole community to enjoy! 
  17. I Love the reverence of a National Athem being sung at the start of a rodeo and the amazing energy that builds when every voice in the stadium joins in song!  Sends chills through your body!
  18. I Love a Prayer offered in Thanks Giving!
  19. I Love positive people!  People who work hard and do what has to be done!
  20. I Love people who share their talents with others.
  21. I Love old friends and new friends that will last a lifetime, regardless of where your paths take you!  
  22. I Love puppies and the smiles that youth can bring to a face!
  23. I Love homemade salsa!
  24. I Love homemade food and a sincere gift shared.
  25. I Love neighbor's gardens that grow with abundance to share with friends.
  26. I Love new washing machines and the simple pleasure of clean laundry.
  27. I Love running water!
  28. I Love a cool home in the summer and a soft pillow to lie your head on at night.
  29. I Love the blessings of RAIN!  Even a shake of thunder in the night, giving warning to shut the windows and enjoy the down pour.
  30. I Love green grass!  Love the coolness it gives a yard!  Love the nutrition it gives animals.  Love the stability it gives the sand to stick to the earth.
  31. LOVE big beautiful shade trees and the protection they give.  So thankful for the time spent caring for the world around us, thankful for every tree planted, weed pulled, and ground that is cared for!
  32. I Love days spent playing in the kiddie pool splashing and soaking in the summer heat! 
  33. I Love big meals around a table with loved ones.
  34. I Love a load of Bronc Riders stopping in to lay over in between rodeos.
  35. I Love Rodeo Family! 
  36. I Love INSPIRATION!  Love those who Lead By Example and cheer on those around them!
  37. Love a Heart Felt THANK YOU!
  38. Love how a THANK YOU or a simple SMILE had the power to turn a whole day around!
  39. Love broncs that Jump and Kick every time!
  40. Love solid campaign horses who are worth their weight in gold!
  41. Love the smell of fresh worked rodeo arena, dark brown with just the right about of water to Rodeo!
  42. Love food and having more than enough to share!
  43. Love all the hard working Farmers and Ranchers that dedicate a life to providing for not just their family but the world!
  44. LOVE cows and all the blessings they provide!  Besides Beef to eat, one of my favorites it Leather!  So thankful for all the amazing tools that are crafted from the hide of a cow!
  45. Love mountains and the feed they produce!  So thankful for the ranchers that take the time to utilize that feed even though it requires countless hours in the saddle care taking for livestock.
  46.  LOVE a well broke saddle horse and a ride that can clear the mind of everything and when your feet hit the ground again...You are filled with everything good and overflowing with blessings!
  47. Love Running Water!  Love a drink of cold delicious well water!  Love water that comes running into the washing machine to clean clothes.  Love the Water that flows out the shower!  What a blessing to have at our finger tips!
  48. Love technology and the opportunity to keep in touch with friends, gain knowledge, and share inspiration with a few clicks of a button!
  49. LOVE POWER and all the blessings it brings with it!  So Thankful for all the hard working men and women that work to keep our power flowing everyday!
  50. Love Transportation!  Love the blessings of a good running car and the miles you can travel!  Love to be on the rodeo trail!  Love the friends you can make along the way! 
  51. Love a homemade blanket and the warm and love that flows from it for years!
  52. Love being healthy!  Love all the amazing cures and aides that the earth has provided to protect us.  Love Pure Essential Oils and the oppurtunity to share health! 
  53. Love people who are blessed and Pay It Forward!
  54. Love the power that one ripple of water can have on a whole pond! Love that the power of a Good Deed is 100 x's stronger that that ripple and you never truly know the magnitude of the blessings from it!
  55. Love the calming spirit that flows over your heart, mind, body, and soul when you are gathered together to rejoice in blessings together. 
  56. Love the beautiful sunrise and the endless blessings of a new day!
  57. LOVE the opportunity to count a few blessings and reflect on how truly grateful I am to be alive!    
Thankful for a message from a friend! 
Soaking up the summer sun, enjoying a ride on a fine roan horse, Momma and babies calves enjoying some lush green grass and taking in all the blessings of the day!
 THANK YOU so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today!  Wishing you a week filled with more blessings than you can number. 
Happy Trails ~ Mindy 
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  1. I love this post! So much positivity - glad to hear that your summer is going well and I hope it keeps heading in that direction!

  2. Thanks so much Jessy! Love to hear from you. Hope your summer is going grand also and you are soaking up all the fun you can ~ Mindy