Monday, August 6, 2012

Rodeo Trail 2012, Part 3

In the words of a great Robert Earl Keen song, “The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends”!  The Summer Fun just never seems to end. 
Here is a quick back track through the rodeo trails and gypsy tales from the last little bit.

Never a dull moment around the Hoggan outfit! 
Puppies and Ponies!

Dog Gentle :)

Ellie's Wild Ride :
Night before the whole crew heads out on the rodeo trail, my little cousin, Ellie takes a crash of a horse.  A late night run for her Mom and Aunt Nancy to get to staples on her pretty little blond head.  While they went to the hospital, little sister, Josie and stayed home and tried our best at baby-sitting and getting some sleep.  I’m not sure how successful we were but we didn’t have to go to the hospital so I’m going to consider it a baby-sitting success!
Atomic Days Rodeo:
Friday morning, bright eyed, bushy tailed and headed to a rodeo!  The amazing Ms Savannah McGarry met me first thing.  She is a rock star!  Couldn't have got through the weekend with out her  We had plenty of excitement like Broncs unloading out trailer side-doors, escaped Rodeo Bulls, and that was all before we pulled out of the yard! 
Great weekend of Rodeo in Arco, Idaho!  I can honestly say this was the 1st rodeo that I ever timed and flanked in the same weekend.  lol...never a dull moment.  No daring spills down a flight of stairs so we made out alright.  HUGE THANK YOU to the entire Atomic Days Rodeo!  It takes so many hard working volunteers to make a weekend like Atomic Days a success!  Thank You to the Cook Shack for slaving over a hot stove to keep everyone fed, staying open late to feed the very last of the crew and up at the crack of dawn to make sure no Slack Contestants went hungry.  Thank You to all the hard working cowboys behind the scenes, loading timed event stock, taking off ropes, and jumping in where- ever needed!  Thank you to are awesome crew!  Bret and Lincoln Zollinger, Mark and Justin Schearer, and Savannah McGarry!  YOU ROCK!  Couldn't have made it threw the weekend without everyone working together and going the extra mile! Thank You to the judges, timers, and secretaries!  Thank You to all the rodeo contestants that competed!  Last, but certainly, not least, THANK YOU to all the Rodeo Fans who filled the stands, cheered, and enjoyed in the fun! 
Side notes:
1. Phone ~ A must give a shout out to the person that borrowed my cell phone battery.  Thank You, I'm sure you needed it more than me and there was a reason for me to be without a phone all weekend.  You were the motivation I needed to upgrade phones...It was time...I had already super glued my phone back together 5 times.  :) So Thank You and I hope the battery works well for you.

2. Don't set things on your tires ....thinking that You will remember to pick them up later.  You won't remember and the panic driving back to pick them up and see if you ran them over.....WILL take years off your life. Just sayin 

Pioneer Days Rodeo ~ St. Anthony, Idaho 

St. Anthony's Pioneer Day Rodeo is always one of my favorites.  The stands are packed and energy is awesome.  The hustle and bustle from the previous weekend of Contracting and Timing really made me appreciate a weekend with only job to do and hat to wear. King Cattle Co. had brought the stock and I got to watch some of the old Mares that I love so dearly.  Good solid ol' mares like 900 Blue Who.  What a mare! She loves her job and gives a 110% every time the gate opens. I got the opportunity to slow down and just soak up some of the sights and sounds that I LOVE about rodeo.   Love an arena filled with fine horses and billowing American flags, silence from the crowd as the National Anthem rings out through the summer air!    Love the sound of slide gates opening and the thundering hooves of broncs filling the chutes below.  I Love the ever so slight twitch of a Bronc's ear in the chute...anxiously waiting in anticipation of a nod of the head and crack of the latch!
So Thankful for the opportunity to RODEO and live in the Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave!
Thank You so much to the Pioneers Days committee and the entire St. Anthony community for the chance to celebrate with them.

New Puppies~ Woodrow, is a DAD!  Sissy had 6 beautiful little pups Friday night. 5 males and 1 female.  Two are a gorgeous chocolate brown. So excited and hoping for a pack of cow eaters!  ;)  Pictures as soon as they get a little bigger.   

Ron's Tire ~ Have to give a shout out to the local tire shop, Ron's Tire.  What a great crew of guys.  I took my car in with 5 dash lights on, all about the braking system.  They fixed me up in no time and had me back on the road!  Great service!  Thank You for all your hard work to keep my car in tip top shape!

Pink Palace Party ~ Monday we hosted a DoTerra Essential Oil Class right here at the Pink Palace!  What a great night with old and new friends!  We had ice cold well water on tap, fresh homemade salsa, and spent the night learning a little more about the healing powers of pure therapeutic grade essential oils! There were even some fun drawings and prizes won! My favorite part of the night was when Dad stood up and gave his testimony about how the DoTerra Essential Oils had helped him on the rodeo trail.  His eyes were swollen, infected, and all gunky.  He looked like he'd been on a week long runner!  Well, the nice ladies at the DoTerra booth got him hooked up with some Eucalyptus and the Breathe blend.  He saw results instantly.  He's a big fan now! Thank You so much to Scott for traveling up to share more about the oils.  Also, huge Thank You to everyone who came over to learn, visit, and soak up some summer fun!  

Pink Palace Party ~ Out in the old tree swing

War Bonnett Rodeo~ Idaho Falls, ID
LOVE this time of year...not only are there Fairs and Rodeos but there is a great little PRCA Rodeo run with Idaho Falls, Great Falls, Afton and a few close spots to hit.  It's usually this time of year that I get a call to get the house ready, house gets are coming!  LOVE a full home full of friends!  THANKS so much to Max Max and his crew of Traveling Partners for stopping by for a meal or two.  So great to see everyone!!!  Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world!!! 

I even made it in to the big town of Idaho Falls for the big show on Saturday.  Good rodeo with some nice horses and wild rides.  One of the highlights had to have been bareback rider, Morgan Heaton.  His horse popped the latch at shot out the gate before he nodded his head and while still tied in.  Even fouled him a little on the gate I think.  Morgan was a COWBOY!  Went on with it, got back up on his riggin and gave it his best.  Love to see that Cowboy Try! So much fun to see friends that travel a little different trails!  John Wright, Darrel, Matt and Molly Twitchell, TJ and Amy Clark!  Clarks have a pair of Shaggy dog that is used to clear the arena.  Big ol' cute hairy thing and real fun to watch! 

Joe and Ella
Recently, I've had the opportunity to spend some time in the evenings with my neighbors, Joe and Ella.  Ages 96 and 97 I think. Married for 61 years.  What an AMAZING couple!  I can't even tell you what a blessing it has been to be able to listen to their stories about some of the things they've seen and done.  I need to start taking notes!  They are such a wealth of knowledge, experience, life lessons, kindness, and truly a couple that lead by example.  So fortunate to be able to spend some time with them.  More stories to follow soon ;)

In closing, I just want to say THANK YOU so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today.  I hope your Summer is filled with more SUMMER LOVIN' and blessings than you can count!   I'm headed to the Mud Lake Fair and Rodeo this weekend!  Hope to see you there!
Happy Trails,

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  1. I love this post..... and your blog...... and your kind heart......

  2. Thanks so much Teri! Right back at ya. Thanks so much for Leading by Example and being such an inspiration!