Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Fishin' Trip

After driving home from our rodeo Saturday night, I spent most of Sunday morning sleeping in. Aww, I love sleeping in my own bed! Ready to tackle the day, day of laundry and catching up ahead of me. Well, I get a phone call from lil J2. He & Dad were headed to the Lodge to go fishin! I tell them to give me 20 minutes and I was in!

Most would roast hot dogs & have a cook out. No, in true Hoggan style, we stopped & ate at the Cafe in Dubois. We knew all 7 of the people in there so we added a lil' visiting to the days agenda.

We stopped on our way up the canyon to pickup Tyler & off we went.

Headed into the Canyon

View from the Ranch

The Ol' Red Barn

Finally, we hit the water! Just for the record, I don't love to fish. The whole patient & quite just aren't my favorite pass times. I went into this with expectations of playing in the water & taking some pretty pictures. I soon realized that my brand new wading boots....have a whole in them. However, I CAUGHT THE BIG ONE! Ya, I caught a 5 lbs log, 2 rocks & a few willows! Let the picture taking begin!

So I don't have a picture....because the creek was going to fast & I was afraid I would get my camera wet if I fell down. (ya, I know I'm coordinated like that) I LOVE the SOUND of the CREEK RUNNING! I love that sound! I love being up the Lodge & that peaceful feeling & regardless of whatelse that is going on.....You can just hear the sound of water crashing against the creek bottom & the edges of the banks! Aww, that is my happy place.
What a peaceful Sunday!

My Fishin Partner ~ Captn' Woodrow Call

Too hot! (Ya, it's quite possible none of us are good fisherman) We load up & head up to the house. Matt Hoggan & McCall Berrett were riding some colts & working some cattle. All of the above was good watching!

It's cooled off a little. Back to the creek we go! This time some more company joins us! (perfect, another excuse for me to not be quiet :) Thank You to Uncle Lynn for letting us come visit!

I finally caught a big enough log that I couldn't get free from & I broke my line. Perfect reason to retire the pole & crack out the camera. I gave the pole to Anisha, took the kids & headed on an adventure! We walked back to the ranch singing the Alphabet Song & any other fun song we could remember!

What a great day! It was 11 before we finally rolled back into the yard at home. Dad was disgusted with our fishing abilities....He didn't even get a nibble! Hahaha.....good times!

Another great adventure in the books......just by saying YES! I'd love to!

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