Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend That Reminds You Why You Love To Rodeo

Small town, posters up everywhere….the town is a buzz with talk of the RODEO in town! WHITE HALL, MONTANA deserves a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great weekend! Whitehall was one of those rodeos that MAKES YOU REMEMBER WHY YOU LOVE TO RODEO! The lead committee was AMAZING, full of energy & a “go getter”! A great leader & a whole community followed in suite! Rodeo posters up in every business, streets closed down for a community street dance, and every one was so happy to have the event in their town!

Saturday couldn’t have been a more perfect rodeo if you were on a Hollywood Movie Set! It was a HOT summer day! A heavy rain poured down right before the performance and then perfectly on cue….the sun came out again! The rain wet down the earth, cut down the dust, and it cooled the temperature down to near perfection! Full crowd, great stock, talented contestants, and amazing community all came together to make a perfect Rodeo Weekend! To top it all off, the rain set the scene for a FULL DOUBLE RAINBOW arching the grounds! Aww, it was awesome!

Not to mention, someone I really respect gave me a sincerely compliment about flanking & told me I was doing a good job!

SO BLESSED to be able to share what I love with others!!! Thank you to JESS MARTIN & Monida Rodeo Company for letting me be a part of this great rodeo! Also, Congratulations on a GREAT RODEO SEASON!

A bumper sticker I saw on the way up there sums up the whole weekend.

"Montana - What America Used To Be"

Few pictures from the weekend:

I have drove by this spot in the road at least 100 times.....TODAY, I decided to take the turn & see where the road would lead!

Nope....No pics.....Don't want to spoil it for you! Take the road less traveled every once in awhile!!!

Hope you're enjoying today because no one promised you a tomorrow!


That Girl

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