Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cont..Rodeo Trail 2010

  • Free Weekend : What to do with a free weekend in the summer. Hmm, I think I will drive to Montana. Help out with a Hoggan rodeo for a day. Spend time with the amazing Else family!!! (Thank you for letting me stay!) Run over to the Big Hole & do a MONIDA RODEO CO. photo shoot. Drop over the hill to Challis for the Spank Martiny Memorial Bulls & Broncs, and finish out the weekend with some quality bonding time in May, ID! Whew! I’m exhausted just talking about it! Better get back to work to rest up from my vacation!

Pics from the adventure:

  • Hailey, ID ~ 4th of July Celebration! This has to be one of the best events in the west! Held in an old round wooden grand stands nestled along side the mountains. Great cowboys, stock , producers, committee & …..THE BEST CROWD IN THE WORLD! Just being there gives you goose bumps from the energy rolling thru! Love it! Congratulations to the Sawtooth Rangers & King Cattle Co for another great rodeo! Here are a few pics I took from the historic grounds!

Pics from Hailey

  • McCammon, ID ~ Truckin again! Loaded up the ol Freighliner & headed to McCammon, ID for a weekend rodeo! I survived I-15 & everything. Backing up is still pretty marginal but I can drive forward real good & Emily can drive backwards….so together we are unstopabble!!! A huge thank you to Trevor & Emily Fuhriman & Nick Blanchard for all there help! It is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with you! Good rodeo & fun time spent with friends. Always makes the time fly when you are in good company. : ) http://fuhrimanranch.blogspot.com/
  • Arco, ID ~ It was a wild weekend fun of freak rodeo/circus happenings! My Aunt Nancy & I spend hours just laughing while working! Thank You to Crystal Carpenter for letting me stay! Great to see Dana & all the family! Congratulations to Jace Angus, 2010 Saddle Bronc Champipon! We really enjoy having such talented riders paired up with our horses! Thank you!
  • St. Anthony ~ BIGGEST CROWD of the entire year! How amazing to see a community come together to put on such a great rodeo weekend! Bucking about 30 horses a night, great cowboys to get on them….but best of all….STANDING ROOM ONLY to watch them! How cool is that! So privileged to get to be a part of such a great rodeo! Thank you to the St Anthony Rodeo Committee, Angell Family, Hill Family, Awesome Timing Patner- Aunt Nancy, & King Cattle. Co!
  • Whitehall ~ wrote a blog about already! Here is the link if you missed it!

It’s going to get even crazier from here on out! Hang out tight!

  • CONGRATULATIONS to my dear cousin Maggie, who was married this month! It was a beautiful morning ceremony on a mountain ridge. Couldn’t have had a more beautiful decorator than that!
A few pics:

  • Rupert Rodeo Weekend ~ I am at my dear cousin’s wedding at 7:30 am in the morning. It was beautiful! So very happy for her…as previously mentioned above! My uncle has a reception the next day. This is all great grand & wonderful but that is A LOT of quality family bonding time in a very short amount of time. Well, I decide to skip out that night in between events & go to the KING Cattle Rodeo in Rupert. (Yes, I am a junkie…I know….but I was so proud of driving right by the Friday performance….baby steps )

Thank You Dad for letting me come hang out with you all at the rodeo. Tyson Hutchison & Doug Talliaferro are 2 of my favorite bull fighters to work with! It was a great night away! Now the part that flowed over into the 2 am….& I’d been up for 21 hours…that part was a lil’ over rated but…Aww, what we won’t do ….LIVIN the DREAM : )

  • Funny lines & stories from summer! ~ Randomness ; )
    • A bull fighter & I have been giving each other a hard time all thru the rodeo. After the rodeo, this amazing committee puts together a great dinner! The crew all goes over to grab a bite. We get thru the line & go sit in the towards the end of the long line of tables. There is one more table down from us…..FILLED with ladies from the committee. The bull fighter sits down & says something obnoxious…(or maybe I wasn’t provoked at at all…& just think I’m hilarious) I loudly announce…NO I WILL NOT MAKE OUT WITH YOU! …..lol……!!!!! It was hilarious! They entire table by us goes silent & is staring at him! HAHAHAHAHA! It was so so funny! LOL….the table was soon empty….geez it was funny
    • Utah lady asked “If I had a boob job?” …..lol….made me laugh
    • At a Doctor’s appointment going thru the huge list of questions that they shoot at you. You know the questions…that by the end….You are certain you are the healthiest person in the world! The nurse is rolling thru questions like a machine gun. She asks, “What I use for birth control?” I casually reply “My Personality” …..lol…..(for the record….she didn’t even smile …but I thought I was hilarious ;)
    • Same string of questions….She asks about my martial statis, ect, ect. Then she asks if I have kids? I reply, No. She proceeds to flip back to the front of my chart & ask how old I am again!!!! SERIOUSLY! I reply, Ya, I know…pretty rare for this part of the world. She replies with a story about her 28 year old friend who isn’t married and it doesn’t bother here either! LOL Wow…that just happened ;0 I Love Idaho!
    • "Physical Attraction -Can't hurt, might help!" ~ That Girl
    • Just received a text message from a friend at the rodeo in Great Falls that said "2500 people just realized why steer wrestlers should not go comando" ......LOL.....it's the little things like this that really make my day! .....hahahahahahahahahaha!
    • Life's unpredictable! Drink chocolate milk out of a bendy straw! ~ That Girl
      Just realized that I have had a box of bendy straws in my pantry for over a year....that is a sad story! What special occasion am I waiting for???! August 3rd, 2010 seems like a perfectly fabulous reason to celebrate being alive!
    • Friend was taking to me about dating, relationships, ect. I said, I think I'm very approachable. He replied"Ya, Approachable like a bronc you have to tie in from both directions!" ~ Kinda made my day! ; )
    • Girl gets asked out to dinner. Don’t be such a sissy, she thinks to herself! She says Heck ya, I’d love to go. It’s brought to her attention later…She knows NOTHING about this guy & the last guy she said yes to dinner with with out knowing was 19. Hmm, valid point, let’s do some investigating. NO ONE knows this guy! Ok, so when all else fails…ask the person them selves ; ) “It has been brough t to my attention that I know nothing about you. Are you a psycho? If not, the answer to dinner is still yes.

They are self proclaimed not a weirdo or anything. K. That’s good. Seconds later, a third party report arrives in….MARRIED! Hmmm, really!!!???? WOW!

Girl thinks on this for quite some time. Again the conclusion is made, when all else fails…go to the source. “Strange question: Are you married?”

(please put down all food & make sure you are seated) YOU WILL NEVER GUESS THE REPLY!!! ~

“That a deal breaker?”

SERIOUSLY….that is the reply. Girl waits awhile before & replies with “Oh, I didn’t realize when you asked me to dinner it was going to be all 3 of us!”

    • When talking to friend, Jake, about relationships he summed it up like this
      "I like the thought of having flowers....but yet eventually I still stop
      watering them" Jake Hayworth
    • "I'm gonna thank his wife. Thank her for marrying that man & eliminating one more cull from the herd" ~ That Girl
    • Text message I recieved yesterday "I want you and want you to be happy. No
      joke no games. I'm for real. I really like you." ...to which I
      reply "?"The return reply is : "Oops haha wrong person. My bad this is why i
      hate texting"............lol.....I
      ... couldn't help but reply...."lol....& here I thought I was the loev
      of your life!" ...lol...ya got to love technology & those of us not
      smart enough to use it!
    • LOL...picture this..Going for a walk...Dressed in a Skirt, T-shirt, Polk-A-Dot Ankle Socks, & a BYU t-shirt. Hair all pulled up in clips, bun like. A stroller filled with Two 3yr olds (Ellie & Penelope) & a Corgi pup running behind! (YES it was as funny as it sounds)
    • lol.....I walk outside to 6 huge markers on my lawn.....hahahaha....Moral of the story...Don't give pilots a hard time about things. They can get even :)
    • "You're dipping into my dating pool by dating these older guys" That Girl replies ~ "I'm Catch & Release. You don't have to worry about me keeping them for long."
    • "His A-D-D really helped him out, about
      the time he wanted to have a come apart something would distract him
      from it." Kim Jacobs referncing her colt. ( I feel that way about myself most of the time. I would fall apart but I get distracted & forget to ;)
    • Mud Lake Rodeo Fair & Rodeo ~ WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND! I am truly blessed to be able to attend the 2010 Mud Lake Fair & Rodeo! To be able to put on a rodeo with your hometown community is such an honor! I will never be able to say Thank You enough to each & every person that made the weekend a success! Thank you to all committee that works so hard all year to make the rodeo possible, especially David Burtenshaw, Cherly Bird, and all their family! Thank you to the Fair Board for supporting the rodeo! Thank you to all the volunteers that make everything run smoothly. Thank you to the talented contestants that travel to compete in our hometown. THANK YOU to EACH & EVERY FAN who came to the rodeo!!! Last but certainly not least THANK YOU to my family for all your help! I could’t do anything without you! Houston, J2, Monte T, Durhams, Regg & crew! Love you all!

    Just when you thought I was done gushing, THANK YOU to the very best crew a girl could ask for! Richard Nelson, Mark Scherer, Justin Scherer, Lincoln, & Brett Zollinger! You rock! Great at your job & a pleasure to work with!!!!

    Let me just give you a glimpse into our weekend. Well, it started Monday…lol…sorting…sorting…sorting again… and….well….we are going to skip right to the rodeo & skip the work. : )

    Friday morning, I just woke up with a GOOD feeling about the weekend. Everything wasn’t how I thought it was going to be (as in the horses I got sent were different) but I just felt like it was all going to work in our favor this weekend. Bright and early, J2, the bull fighters and I helped run slack. It went well and ran quick. HOT day! Sorting bucking horses in the back pens and eating dust all afternoon. Did I mention it’s hot! Well, all this being said….the smell of fresh cut hay is filling the valley! True to logic, this has been proven time and time again….CUTTING HAY is the world’s best known Rain Dance! From out of no where the blue skies disappear right before the perf is about to begin. Rain clouds circle the grounds and unleash their fury. Perfect, it will wet down the earth and I won’t be choking on dust all night. Well, it does that and then some! IT RAINS ALL NIGHT!!!! It is cold! By the time the bull riding rolls around, YOU CAN SEE YOUR BREATHE! SERIOUSLY!!! I’m not having fun anymore! I’m wet , cold and tired!

    Wet, cold, tired, & ready for a big cup of hot chocolate! Funny thing is...Tomorrow will be chomping on the bit to do it all over again :) ....such a junkie!

    Next morning, I was still tired and my GOOD feeling hadn’t worked out that great yesterday. AWW, THANK the Good Lord above he gives us mountains so we can more greatly appreciate the view from the top! Saturday’s rodeo, was awesome!!! Bares & Broncs were even. Guys showed up to ride. STOCK SADDLE horses were awesome! Wild , Western and my stock saddle bronc riders came to ride! They were for sure the heros of the rodeo! Cracking whips, riding in customs, riding horses up from crashes and JUST BEING COWBOYS!!! That would just be another day in the round corral…but we were in town and EVERYONE had came out to enjoy the rodeo!!!! THANK YOU to the FANS who came & turned the night into magic!!!! Horse roping was awesome! Talented ropers & cool loops! GREAT GREAT RODEO!!!! SO HONORED! THANK YOU ALL ~ Mindy Hoggan & King Cattle Co.


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