Saturday, January 12, 2013

Red Coats and Winter WonderLand! Stoecklein Photo Shoot

Red Coats and Winter Wonderlands! 


Red Coats and Winter Wonderlands ~ Recently, a friend posted a picture from that sent my mind reeling! 

It was bizarre really.....I vaguely recall what I did this morning let a lone years ago but this picture sparked the most random trip down memory lane and I just had to share! 

......Here we go!  Winter Flashback....home from college for some reason.....

Phone rings (lol….I think it was the land line at Mom’s), Dad needs me to come help him sort and load some horses.  He’s supposed to be headed to a photo shoot for but isn’t feeling good so if I just come help him get loaded he’ll be fine. 

Throw on some clothes and head to the corrals.  No one to impress, just going to help Dad load and then come back home. ( I should no better)

Sort, load…as the trailer door is being closed….Dad decides that he is too sick and can’t go.  I will have to drive the horses to the photo shoot.  

……Now as am in the pickup headed to this photo shoot….HOLY MACKREL….You haven’t showered….Your hair is in 2 braids like a little kid….and with your winter clothes on….it will be VERY HARD to distinguish you from a boy.  ( You think I'm being overly critical but the pictures don't think Dave even mentioned something about combing my hair ;) 

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I did get up make sure I got a shower in that night ….just so you know.  Knowing how Dave loves to shoot that glorious morning light.....Also, got up a lil’ bit earlier to clean up enough you could tell I was a girl. 

More Random Memories from the Day....

  • Beautiful red coat is definitely 10 times warmer than the white coat...just sayin!  
  • Dad wanted me to ride a stud colt.  Instead, once I got there, I rode the old broke horse, Rambo. (I'm super pea hearted) 
  • Rambo wacked his nose in the trailer and bloodied it a little and even though the stud colt looked prettier....I still rode Rambo.
  • During the shoot on the second morning, was so so cold.  Quite possibly the one on the coldest times I've ever had in a cowboy hat....right up there with a Dillon College Rodeo that it snowed at, Packing a flag at Chase Hawks Rodeo, and Riding at the Sheep Station)  
  • Dave told me that I needed to smile....I was certain that my face was frozen in postion and for my expression to change I would have to phyically change it with my hands and let it freeze that way.
  • One of the very prettiest scenes of the morning was right when the bright light was starting to hit the snow covered field.  We'd been running the horses around and everything was warmed up.  The gathered together and a pretty paint rolled in the snow. It was cold, crisp and the air crystals froze & shone all at the same time as the big ol horse froliced in the snow.  It was BEAUTIFUL and I don't think a single picture was captured of it. (Except in our pretty lil' minds)


FAMOUS David Stoecklein Print ~ PAINTS IN THE SNOW!

One of my favorite shots of the day! Rambo knows he's a star!
 Later, we took some more shots back at the ranch, below you will notice a cute Christmas shot, Red Ribbons and favorite tho is the horses ears.....pinned!    For those of you who have ever been around Hoggan Horses....I was quite certain that I was tempting fate by climbing on ol' paint bareback.  This picture makes me laugh every time.

Hoggan Horse

The above photo, buddy Lincoln Zollinger and I....I think the conversation was something like....Lincoln....give Mindy a hug.  Lincoln was pretty sure that girls have cooties and that wasn't happening. 

 Pulling out of Zollinger's yard on the way home.....Drug the bottom of the trailer, broke the back end, and probably cost more money to repair than I made that weekend. (Dad was not impressed) 

Just a few of the fun, random, and bizarre memories from our Winter Wonderland Shoot! 
David is so talented that reguardless the conditions, his work is always stunning! 
Here are a few Covers from that shoot!

Good times with good friends and some fun memories! 
I just learned that David Stoecklein is having a 
Photography Workshop up at his ranch!
  Can't wait to see the adventures this winter wonderland will bring!
Hope to see you all there! ~ Mindy

p.s.  I had the honor of attending a Summer Workshop.
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Workshop Information:
This February the Stoecklein workshop held at Dave’s ranch in Mackay, Idaho is going to be a cowboy winter wonderland.

Dress warm and get ready to capture the beauty of an Idaho Winter! The crispness that comes with the the first ray of light that dares break through the long cold night. Capture the stillness of snow covered mountainside. As you look through the photos, you can here the swish swish as the horses trail in unison through the snow.

"This workshop will give you ideas on how to capture not only great winter photographs but also great ideas for Christmas cards and so much more. Since Dave still has the Santa spirit we are offering $50.00 off if you sign up before January 9th 2013. Please call Sunny @ (208) 726-5191 ext. 15 or email at

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  1. Wow Mindy, those are stunning!!! Snow makes everything seem so clean and prettier. I bet it was awful on your face though! Love the coat too, what is it? I'm glad you toughed it out, it was definitely worth it.

  2. Thanks so much Amanda! I think it is an old Shaefer if I remember correctly.

  3. Isn't it funny what sparks a memory! The same happens to me. One picture will spark a story or series of memories that can go on for days and other times I can't remember where I put my coffee cup. Great story and beautiful photos. ~M

  4. I couldn't agree more Maria! Thank You so much for stopping by and saying hello. Wishing a wonderful week and best of luck finding that darn coffee cup :) ~ Mindy

  5. Loved this post! Beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing :)