Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brenda Butters, FINE Sterling Jewelry, Western Rings and more

 Oh how I LOVE the AMAZING people you meet out on the trail!  
How often in our crazy hectic lives do we take the chance to "stop and smell the flowers" or soak in the beauty around us?  Well, in Mesa, Arizona a burly hereford bull would catch my eye and slow me down so that I could do just that, soak in the beauty around me!  
Brenda Butters Fine Western Rings and Scarf Slides
It just goes to show you that everything happens for a reason.  Had a not missed my flight that morning, I wouldn't have have been wading through the crowds at the High Noon Show.  I came upon a treasure that I knew instantly I had to SHARE with YOU! Brenda Butters – FINE STERLING JEWELRY!

This artisans jewelry collection is breath taking, but pales in comparison to the amazing woman behind the creative work bench!  Brenda Butters radiates talent, grace, beauty and kindness.  She didn't know me, and still she was so sweet, helpful and sincere.  I stood at her booth for quite some time admiring the many many stunning pieces.  As I admired, many people came and went from the booth.  As Brenda spoke with the patrons about her pieces, you could see the her passion and the heartfelt love that she puts into every piece.

Brenda was kind enough to agree to agree to an interview and to let me take some pictures to share with you all.  Here is a little bit about this talented artisan!
Collection of Class! 
LOVE the Pistol and check out the cute Hooked Horse! 

Brenda Butters was raised in a farming and ranching community in Colorado.  Marriage and a family would take her to hang her hat in Homer, Michigan but she is still strongly influenced by her western upbringing.  Randy Butters, Brenda's husband, and famous spurmaker, often had the family on the road together attending tradeshows.  A busy Mom,  Brenda was always engaged in a cultivating her talents and attention to detail, whether that meant oil painting, making quilts, or kids clothing. 

After the the kids were raised, Brenda knew that she wanted to be able to still travel with her husband but have her own art work.  Brenda has a love of Turquoise Jewelry,  attention to detail and passion for things that go above the what is expected, and raise the bar.  Inspired by Color, Beauty, Detail, Craftmanship, and things off the beaten path. ….FINE STERLING JEWELRY was a natural progression.

It was such a delight to be able to visit with this lovley lady about her pieces.  As I mentioned before, you really can hear the sincerity and love she puts into every piece!  

"It is an honor to make heirloom pieces!  I am so grateful to be able to do what I do!  Love being able to make one of a kind pieces but even more than that it is such a honor to be able to take a piece of the past and turn it into art piece that you can touch, feel, and wear!  Even more than creating a piece of jewelry, it is such a HUGE Gift to be able to form that relationship with my customers.

“The reason I am in the business I love is because.... I love antiques, art, and creating.  It all came together in a “God Wink” when the timing was right.” ~ Brenda Butters

Heirloom China Pieces, Stunning Sterling Engraving, Rossettes, Spoon Bracelets and MORE! 
Absolutely Breathtaking piece!  Love this!!!!
"This unique heirloom quality jewelry is hand crafted from solid sterling silver. The graphics are taken from Wallace, Westward Ho, Vernon Kilns, Shenango china ware and other collectible plates. Indian pottery shards are also used to make pendants and bracelets. Each piece is individually hand made and includes a solid sterling silver backing." ~
Saddle Up ~ GORGEOUS Pendant!  Back side shown below
Back view of stunning pendant shown above

Vintage Rosette with exquisite sterling engraved cuff
Antique sterling silver spoons are used to make pendants and earrings from the spoon bowls, and bracelets are made from the spoon handles.
Unique Spoon Bracelets!  Love the detail!


Roses!!!  These pictures do not do these justice!
Absolutely breathtaking pieces!  Love the white rose. 
Brenda is so talented! Mixing the china and silver mediums to complete the flower
and add so much dimension to the piece!

"What Next"
Bridled Beauty

Thank You so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today!  Such an honor to be able to share a glimpse of some of the amazingness I've been seeing on the trail.  Thank You also to the Brenda for sharing her time and talents with us!  If you are interested in seeing more about these stunning pieces, contact information is below. 

Contact Information:

Brenda Butters
4275 22 1/2 Mile Road
Homer, Michigan 49245
(517) 568-4188

Sure makes the wheels in your mind turn doesn't it!  So much amazing potential for new life in your heirlooms! 
Happy Trails ~ Mindy 

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