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Butters Family Makes Silver a Family Affair

Oh how I LOVE the AMAZING people you meet out on the trail! 
The Talented Butters Family, Fine Sterling Silver Pieces are a Family Affair!
Swan Spurs by Randy Buuters, Engraved Sterling Cuff Bracelet by Braidie Butters
and Chinaware Horsehead Scarfslide framed in Sterling Silver by Brenda Butters

While wading through the crowds at the High Noon Trade Show,  a pretty little ring would catch my eye.  (Yes, I know, imagine being distracted by pretty jewelry) That cute lil' ring would lead me stright to a gold mine!  The table of beautiful wares that I stopped to look at would be none other than the Butters Family!  Legendary spur maker, Randy Butters, Talented Silversmith, Braidie Butters, and Brenda Butters, with her stunning sterling jewelry!

After admiring their gorgeous pieces, I knew that I had to share their talents with YOU!  The Butters family was gracious enough to allow me to shoot some pictures and visit a little. 

1st off....My VERY VERY FAVORITE thing about this family was their humility and how encouraging they are of each other.  While visiting with each of them individually they were slow to compliment their own work and fast to speak very complimentary of the talents of the others. Brenda and Braidie both praised Randy's finesse with his Swan Spurs.  Randy was quick to compliment Braidie on her ever evolving silver engraving skills.  LOVE that spirit of encouragement and support that they radiate!

Randy Butters, SPUR MAKER (Father), has been making spurs for over 30 years.  His signature piece are the legendary Swan Spurs!  Brenda, shared the story of from years ago, at a show in Abilene, Texas.  Randy was commissioned to make a pair of Swan Spurs for a tall, thin, day work cowboy.  The rest is history!  The curvature of the swan's neck, so elegant and such a difficult piece to master.  Often imitated but never duplicated.  Randy's Swan Spurs are a beautiful example of artistry in a functional tool!   

Lovely Lady Leg Spurs!  Aren't those fabulous!  

Brenda Butters, FINE Sterling Jewelry (Mother)

"It is an honor to make heirloom pieces!  I am so grateful to be able to do what I do!  Love being able to make one of a kind pieces but even more than that it is such a honor to be able to take a piece of the past and turn it into art piece that you can touch, feel, and wear! " ~ Brenda Butters

To read full article on Brenda Click on link below:

Braidie Butters, Silversmith/ Engraver (Daughter)
Braidie is the whole package!  Talent, beauty, and charisma rolled into one.  Braidie was one of the talented young guns in the TCAA Emerging Artist Competition.  Entering a intricately engraved "mini mug"
Braidie was also the recipient of the TCAA Fellowship Award, a program to help emerging artists hone their skills.  (:
I asked Braidie if she had a favorite piece?   

 "I don't think I have a favorite piece...every piece is interesting in its own way and teaches me something about the trade. Maybe my current project of a 5 1/2" tall beer mug/stein will be my favorite. Who knows...until I come up with another crazy project!"  Braidie Butters

Such a talented young lady!  Can't wait to see more from her in the future! 

Braidie's skilled sterling engraving adorns the cuff bracelet and knife shown above

Here are a collection of photos featuring all pieces from all three talented Butters Silver Artisans!

Last but certainly not least.....the spunky lil' hereford ring that caught my eye!
If you would like to see more about the talented Butters family, please utilize the contact information below.
Contact Information:

Randy and Brenda Butters
4275 22 1/2 Mile Road
Homer, Michigan 49245
(517) 568-4188

Braidie Butters, SilversmithDalhart, Texas
(517) 936- 3226

THANK YOU so much for stopping by the gypsy trail today!  Hope you enjoyed getting to see a glimpse of the talented Butters family.  THANK YOU so much to the Butters family for taking the time to visit.  It was truly a pleasure to meet you. 
Happy Trails,

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