Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arizona Adventures - PART 2

SUNDAY CONTINUED..........................

 Well, Mom took me to the airport but I refused to get out of the truck....looks like sunny Arizona for a few more days.
SUNDAY in Mesa, Arizona!  Sunday was the "Big Review" of the saddles for the Emerging Artist Contest.  Mom was soaking in knowledge and I.....well, I did what I do best!  EXPLORE! 
 Plenty of time to explore more of the High Noon Show and take in some sights I had missed!  There were some booths that definitely needed kuddos! 

Shout out to the TCAA Booth (Traditional Cowboy Arts Association) They had a very crisp both featuring some of their premiere artisans!  Everyone working in the booth was friendly, helpful and welcoming!

  One more day at the show also gave me a chance to Snap a Shot of ALL the EMERGING ARTIST ENTRIES!!!!  
Click on link below to see all contest entries:


Last, but certainly not least..... Staying SUNDAY was Divine Intervention because I was able to meet the talented Butters Family!!!  Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting this talented family, they were kind enough to let me share their talents with my readers! 

Here is a glimpse of their AMAZINGNESS!!!!
Swan Spurs hand crafted by Randy Butters.  Sterling Engraved cuff by the talented Ms Braidie Butters.  Gorgeous Chinaware and Sterling Scarfslide by Brenda Butters! 
To read full story click on link below:


Bye Bye Big City!  We are Congress, Arizona Bound!

I've officially been in Arizona too ling because I woke up and actually believed I was chilly in 50 degree weather! 
Mom and I worked on the shop a little bit fixing on lights.  She decided it would be a Grand Idea to go for a walk "out back".  We survived and it ended up being real nice but the Arizona Landscape I was pretty sure was trying to attack me from every direction!  Adventures with Cactus and the Uncoordinated! 

 Tonights AZ Camper Conversation Progression....Unicorns....2 Horned Elk....Weighted Bull Horns to look like a unicorn!!!!......Mom chimes in....Mindy, God has already created that....It's called a Rhino. ( and now he is looking down at you shaking his head and saying bless her heart for creativity)
♥ Slap Happy Chats ♥

Good Night from Arizona!

Living in a Camper....ya, the reality of CAMPING is setting in.  Camper showers, hauling water, and Laundry Mat Laundry!  (As it turns out....Jill Lufkin is a celebrity!  Had a nice visit with the Laundry Mat Owner, he instantly saw we are from Idaho and asked if we knew Jill) it turns out....Laundry Mat Laundry gives you a good reason to drive by the cute lil' store in Congress!  Where.....I found a few fun things to spruce up "My ROOM" aka...the couch!  
Seriously, "My Room" is so cute!!!!

 Mom took me on a tour of the country.  Making our way up the hill to the town of Yarnell, where a few white flakes dropped from the sky and we promptly left ; )   There was a super fun Gypsy Camp for sale!  We looked at it!  I'm always in the market for a new adventure!  


Time flies when you are having fun!  Not sure what we got done today but it is almost time to load up and head out!  Quick stop in to say Good Bye to Harwoods. THANK YOU Karen for letting us borrow your Navigation System.  It was awesome!
Just a reminder that the SUN does SHINE!
 Dinner one last time at MANGOS!  Seriously, delicious!!!!  If you are in Mesa, is a MUST!!!!

Quote of the Day ~ "You've rode more miles after dark than he's ridden in the daylight" ~ Wise and Unbelievably  Talented Cowboy


Made my flight!  (I know you were all wondering if I would)   For the life of me, I couldn't figure out....WHY the Airplane was FULL of people flying from 70 degree weather to Idaho Falls, Idaho! 

Thankful it warmed up before I got home.  Well above freezing was nice to come home tooThank You to McKell for picking me up from the airport! 

THANKFUL to be home and a nice Idaho Welcome Back Sunset!

Thank YOU for traveling the gypsy trail with me! 

Happy February!  ~Mindy

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