Wednesday, February 6, 2013


IDAHO Winter Rose Saddle by Nancy Martiny
 "The saddle that I choose to build for the TCAA Emerging Artists contest represents TRADITION with a 15 1/2" Wade tree with semi Quarter horse bars-a COWBOY favorite in the Great Basin. The 3" high Ray Hunt style horn and the 3 1/2" x 13" cantle with 1 1/2" Cheyenne roll,also represent the tradition of the Dorrance influence. The EMERGING ARTIST in me decided to fully carve the saddle in a distinctive  domestic rose pattern, and tint the flowers and leaves with a delicate red and green wash of color.Swivel knife cut designs decorate the center of the seat, the rope strap, cantle bind, and stirrup liners.  As the color may lead one to think that a woman might ride this saddle, I installed an in-skirt rig and half stirrup leathers to keep the rider close to the horse, as well as lighten the weight of the saddle.
"Beauty is only skin deep" Anyone who sees past the color will notice the 7/8 position of the rig, and the lined and stitched back billets and cinch for durability and security while roping. Tradition and quality also show in the Hermann Oak skirting leather, Harwood brand rigging plates, and the Warren Wright saddle tree.4" Stainless Steel bell bottom stirrups (by (J Hats&Horses) solid sterling buckle set on the rope strap and antique berry edge conchos(by Vogt Silversmiths) add a finishing touch to the saddle." Nancy Martiny, Saddle Maker
TCAA Emerging Artist Saddle by Nancy Martiny

Love the Vine! 

Swivel knife cut designs fill adorning the hand hold

Swivel knife cut designs decorate the center of the seat, the rope strap, cantle bind, and stirrup liners.

Emerging Artist Contest 2013

Swivel knife cut designs decorate the stirrup liners.
 The perks of having a super amazing saddle maker get a sweet interview about her lastest masterpiece!  
When I got my 1st peek at this saddle I was completely and totally blown away.  It is the fanciest saddle I've ever seen and I knew it was a big big leap from anything she had ever attempted before.  Countless hours spent working through sickness, health, working cows, Christmas orders, and family time....all to create this stunning piece!  THANK YOU for sharing your talents Mom!  Love you!   So proud of my beautiful and talented Mother, Nancy Martiny!

Thank You so much for stopping by the Gypsy Trail today!  Hope you enjoyed a peek at this masterpiece!
The Idaho Winter Rose Saddle is available for purchase. 
For more information please contact:
Martiny Saddle Co.
Nancy Martiny


  1. Along with all of Nancy's other accomplishments this is a masterpiece. How a little woman carry around so much talent is beyond me. Sure glad she has it as there isn't many that have the tenacity and stout hardness that she has to complete such beautiful designs. Makes me pretty proud that my name is Rose to see the beauty in that saddle of Roses. Keep up the good work!!
    Rose M Johnson

  2. That is one awesome saddle. You are lucky indeed to have a very talented mom.

  3. I agree with Rose and Tess. how lucky you are Mindy but then I think your mom is pretty lucky also to have you and Rita. i miss your smiling face and hope to see you somewhere down the trail . Hugs from Ma.

  4. A most Beautiful example of form & function.
    Kathy Lofthouse

  5. THANK YOU ALL so so much! I really appreciate the kind words and will pass them on to Mom. Thank You for taking the time to stop and comment. Really appreciate your feedback. Have a great day! ~ Mindy