Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Half the Fun is Getting There ~ AZ Adventures PART 1

Hmmm, Passenger Seat!  Seems to suit me just right!
Thank You Ranch Royalty!  Love my new shirt!

Last week my beautiful mother and I set out on a GRAND ADVENTURE ….a trip to SUNSHINE!  Literally…..loaded up camp and headed to SOUTH! 
I jotted down a few notes to remember the amazing days with my Mom


I’m running behind….shocking….I know!  Did you know that it is a holiday and NO POST OFFICE or Bank! 
Darn it!  (Yes, that To Do Stack is waiting patiently…and apparently will wait a little longer)

Dogs taken care of and headed out to the big open road.  Ok, literally, we are not even 5 minutes from the house…..I think I might be car sick!  Borrowed truck and house trailer…….it feels like we are in a boat, swaying back and forth…..Mom assures me it is just frost heaves…..but if that is the case….there were frost heaves for the next 16 hours! 

Heaven forbid we get out of the cold country in a timely matter…..Let’s do all our Holiday visiting too!
(Ya, we hadn’t done our Christmas visiting yet…No Time Like the Present! )

Visit Grandma Brockman ~ THANK YOU Joe and Ella....because of our visits...I can chat PBS like a seasoned vetran.....or Lawerence Welk atleast.  Deliver Grandma's Christmas presents.  Mom got her a diffuser and I gave her Wild Orange Essential Oil so ....of course we got it running and enjoyed while we were there.  I considered it a WIN for everyone involved.

Dinner with Grandpa and Barbara ~
Love my GRANDPA BILL!  Just sayin!  Thank You to Grandpa and Barbara for a delicious meal and visit.
Drum Roll......1st peek at Mom's Show Saddle!  I can completely understand why she wouldn't send me a picture.  I would have leaked it to ....EVERYONE!  Be watching for a FULL POST with featuring the saddle in all it's glory!

SOUTH Bound again!  Laughing til we are silly!   Did I mention….We are hilarious!  LOVE my MOM!

Maggie and Arlen's

Stay night with beautiful cousin, Maggie!  Hearing adventures of new Teamsters!  I think wild and crazy wrecks might come from BOTH sides of my family tree! 
(Tip of the Day : DO NOT Buy a TEAM from a Horse Trader) 

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuedsay! 
Mom's word's of Wisdom....."This Truck Runs Great Down Hill!"
Texas Country Music Marathon spinning in the cd player! 
My Mom is AMAZING!  Light troubles in Ely, NV.....she Re-Wires the plug and has us back up and running in no time!  She's my hero!

Best Brownie in the World at the Whipples Store in Lund, Nevada! (Mental Note....Buy More Next Time!  So good!)

ARIZONA!!!!!  71 Degress and I'm MELTING!  Weather report from home.....18 BELOW Zero this morning!  Hmmm, 71 is NICE! 
Driving our lives away!  Beautiful sunset and great company!

T-shirt Weather Morning!  How awesome is that!  LOVIN' me some Ranch Exits, Barrel Cactus and Cute Wild Lookin Cows!  We have arrived!  Time to set up camp! (No before pictures were taken of my room but the after pics are awesome :)

Here is the view....again from the Passenger Seat!

Set up the Leather Shop!  The legendary Dale Harwood came over to help hang lights and get the shop set up.  Looks like Mom will be set up and right at home in no time.  Busy day of cleaning the shop.  I used rain water to wash the shelves off.  That's right Not even a full day in the desert and I've brought the rain. 
Lunch with Harwoods, errands at the hardware store, and taken in a few sights in Wickenburg.

The evening would take us out to dinner at one of Mom's friend's home.  Everyone is so nice and friendly but seriously....the sun is shining, what would you possibly have to be unfriendly about! 

Highlight of the Day:  I swear to you .....I saw a rabbit with a cigarette in it's mouth!  
Arizona Sunset from the Camp

On the road again, headed to Mesa, Arizona for the High Noon Show!  Mom's driving and I'm running the map....which should scare Everyone!  We did pretty long as I could get Mom to resist her urge to take EVERY EXIT!
Saddle Check in for the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association : Emerging Artist Contest
Click on the link below to read full article on Idaho Winter Rose Saddle:
Critiquing begins instantly and days and days of "Saddle Talk" Had the chance to meet a few TCAA members.Everyone was very nice.
HIGHLIGHT of the Day ~ Seeing some friends from Home!  Love the McGarry Family!  Great to see Maddy and Pat.  Best Story ~ MEXICO DENTURES was about a neighbor going to Mexico in their travels.....getting stopped by a guy right across the border.....and ending up getting a new pair a dentures!!!  Pat described it with things like.....JB Weld....threw them on the floor......It was priceless!

Food Must!!!.....Supper at at resturant in Mesa called MANGOS....FABULOUS and such great service! 

Saturday is kind of a blurr.  Quality bonding time with the hotel room.  Mom was representing her saddle at the High Noon Show most of the day.  I slept in :) and yes, it was awesome! 

The High Noon Show is AMAZING!!!  So many beautiful sights to take in!
Fancy Saddle Featured in the Auction!   Lots of friends from home to see also!  Ike and Roberta Sankey, Dobsons, and of course good ol' Pat and Maddy McGarry! 

Saddle 1st Place: Conley Walker

Emerging Artist ~ SILVER Winner : Matt Litz

CONGRATULATIONS to all the contestants.  Your hard work did not go unnoticed! 
Click on link below to see all contest entries:


The BIG HIGH NOON AUCTION!  ~ WOWZER is all I can say!  We only stayed for the 1st hour and in that time a horse hair hitched headstall went for $17,000.  It was wild!

THANK YOU to the show promoters for proving Chocolate Chip Cookies....They were DELICIOUS! 
(lol....Yes, that was kind of a highlight for me....Friends and Food)

Oh.....and we ate at MANGOS again......I'm convinced EVERYTHING on the menu is good and the service is splendid! 

Up and at'em bright and early to fly home.  Mom has the directions printed out and we are set to go in plenty of time.  Minor detour in our directions but get it resolved and back on track.  Arrive at the airport and are golden!  Hmmm, can't seem to find the Terminal with my Airline....weird....Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4.....Holy Mackrell....if I don't get out right now...I'm going to miss my flight.  Get out of the truck and lucky ask a nice lady about the Terminal before my Mom leaves.  Nice lady informs me.....It is not at this Airport. 

Hahahahaha.....for real!  Well, I didn't want to leave sunny AZ anyway.  Missed my flight!  

To be continued..........................

THANK YOU for traveling the gypsy trail with me!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


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