Friday, September 17, 2010

Life Long Dreams

Life Long Dreams, to start this story I will need to back track about 5 years. 2005 (or so) I was working for Stoecklein Publishing in sales. This involved ALOT of traveling and along the trail I met many many wonderful people. This particular trip, Stoecklein had sent me & Sara, another girl from the office, down to Las Vegas for 2 weeks to set up & run a booth at the PBR Finals. We had a real good time but 2 weeks in Vegas is a LONG TIME! During the trade show, we met lots of interesting people, 2 of which were 2 nice young men from the UK, Dave & Dutch. They were in the states on vacation &just happened to come thru the Stoecklein booth.

Our stay in Vegas was about over and Sara & I were about wore out. We still had the task of tearing down this gigantic booth & loading it on a Uhaul by oursevles. I know what you are thinking....Mindy, stop being a sissy! Really! THIS BOOTH IS HUGE! It is like building a house! 30 feet long, 10 feet wide & 8 ft high. Not to mention the books literally weighing TONS! The task was something we knew we could accomplish….we just weren’t sure how we were going to get it done by the time we had to be completely out of the building. We did the only thing we could do, which was get to work. Bless there hearts, those 2 nice young men showed up that morning & helped us tear down. We never would have made it in time without their help.

Well, a couple weeks ago Dave emailed me that he & his father would be in the states on vacation. They were flying into Denver & out of Seattle…road tripping in between. In Vegas, we had spoke of my family owning rodeo livestock. It had been his life long dream to ride a bull & he asked if I could hook him up with people to do that. Well, I’m not very handy but it just so happens that was with in my reach.

Last night Dave & his Dad showed up in Hamer, Idaho for the adventure of a lifetime. (Hoggan's's just not an experience you can book at a guest ranch ; ) Here are some pictures from our night:

FANS in the Stands

Covered Grand Stand Fans

Beautiful Wagoner Girls

Arena Clean Up Crew

Loading the Big Boys

Learning the Ropes

Let'em Dance in the Big Pen Boys

(Dave did really well! The bull turned back to the Right & he made about 3 jumps!!!
It was awesome! I just didn't get pictures of it. )
Parting Ways!

The complete experience ...RE-RIDE STORIES


Thank you to J2 Hoggan & Jeremiah Peterson for helping gather the bulls. Thank you to JP McGarry for providing the arena & instruction. Thank you to Jay Hoggan for providing bulls & hauling them. Thank you to the Nelson family for being Arena clean up crew. Thanks to Broc Burns for bull fighting! Thank you to Toni Wagoner for videoing! Thank you to all the fans in the stand that cheered him on!

Last but certainly not least THANK YOU to Stevenson's for taking the time to visit us on their vacation. What a great night to be able to come together with friends & family! We all had such a great time! MY CUP RUNNETH OVER! THANK YOU ALL!

This picture just reminded me of that feeling when you leave a rodeo grounds:

"Coming down off the Rodeo High tonight. Love when you have a great crew, surrounded by amazing friends, everything bucks & it all comes together! Aww, SPECTACULAR! But there is a sadness to a rodeo grounds once filled with the hustle & bustle......once everyone has gone home & just the empty trailer tracks remain."

p.s.....This wasn't the end of the evening! More stories coming soon!

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