Tuesday, September 14, 2010

8 Mile ~ Take an Adventure in your own back yard!

8 Mile ~ Sometimes you need to take an adventure in your own back yard! Amazing what kind of treasure hunts you can go on with in 100 miles from home.

Here are a few pictures from my lil' adventure!


Thankful for taking the time to take this lil' adventure last month
for being able to share a glimpse of the journey with you!

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Lil' Red Roan is issuing a new challenge!

TAKE the TIME everyday this week to sincerely THANK SOMEONE, everyday, who has improved the quality of your life.

Take 5 minutes everyday to sincerely thank someone for being in your world. We all have so many people in our lives to truely be thankful for! Thank a teacher who helped you in school. A friend who was there for you when you really needed one. Or just a someone that offered a warm smile & brightened your day!

I will lead by example! Every morning I am going to get up a lil' early to write my thank you. Seems like a great way to start the day off write in the spirit of love & grattitude for everyone around me!

THANK YOU in advance for everyone who takes the time to visit Lil' Red Roan & participate in this GIVE THANKS challenge! What a blessing!

As a added THANK YOU from Lil' Red Roan ~

LOVE LETTERS from the WEST are a note card collection that I started a few years ago to GIVE THANKS to all the amazing people in my life. They had such a great response that I decided to make them available to all my Lil' Red Roan friends.

Added incentive to give thanks! OREDR 5 Love Letters & get 5 FREE!!! You GIVE THANKS and get Savings!!!! ENJOY!

Link to the Lil' Red Roan facebook note with more details!



  1. I have a major interest in old mines. I had the pleasure of working in SW Colorado two summers in a row. Uranium mining is huge over there, and there are mines scattered everywhere! It was really cool to get to check them out. Some had been barred off byt the Dept of Reclamation, but still could look in. They're so interesting! I can never get enough!