Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Washington DC


This is a bit of a backtrack but I just haven't had time with all the other adventures to take you on this lil' trip yet....so here we go!

7:45 am on Wednesday the 18th of August, I receive a message from a dear friend asking if I want to fly to DC & drive back out home to the West with her. A few seconds later there was a short exchange of words involving...."You need to fly out of Salt Lake tomorrow" & that ended in with me replying....SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!

Thursday, I threw stuff in a bag & headed to Utah! THANK YOU to Michelle Marriott for taking me to the airport! What a great flight! I sat by 4 of the friendliest people I've ever had the priveledge of flying with in my entire life. They were super friendly & told me all about the sights to see. The world is filled with Amazing people, for the most part & I had the oppurtunity to meet a few more of them on this trip! Lay over in Chicago....slight delay.... & by 12:15 am....I was in WASHINGTON DC!

Thank You to Melina Zamora & Chris Shiraldi for showing the sights!!!! It was awesome to see our nation's capitol! Let the journey begin! Here are a few photographs from my debut on DC :)

Aside from the obvious attractions....I was awe struck by the entire city! Every block you turned onto had the most amazing old architecture & buildings! So cool!

Last but certainly not least....the People Watching! This man was out getting a little exercise. When the light turned red....he danced his way into the middle of the cross walk & proceeded to DANCE in front of us the whole light!!! (Maybe the longest light I've ever sat at) It was crazy! He was in good shape....lol....It was a LONG light! When it changed....he danced over to the stopped cross traffic & danced in front of them! It was like a traffic cop....in a musical!
lol....great entertainment!

this Lil' Adventure didn't end here....we treck across the country tomorrow!

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  1. I envy you.
    Someday I want to visit DC, Boston and Baltimore. So much of our country's history is there!
    Thanks for giving me a preview!

    Lori post on Jessica's google account

  2. Well, I definately didn't spoil it for you! So much to see & more emotion than can even begin to be explained in a picture :)