Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 2 - Cross Country Trek - TOURING

The 2nd day of our cross country trek started off.....seeing the sights! We weren't 10 minutes down the road before we pulled over to take a picture of this amazing old barn.

Monmouth College: Home of Melina's college sorority

Melina's College Sorority's Home.....this is where the danger of being a tourist cam into play.
Take note that there is no sign in front of the home

Next we have a sister sorority. Very nice sign. Well....I step out to take a picture of this for Melina. I'm VERY focused on my serious photography assignment.....& almost got STAMPEDED!!!

I jump out of the car to take a picture & land right in the middle of this stampede of hot shirtless college cross country runners!.....Aaaaa! I was so embarrassed!
Near death run in with the hot college guys! Scary stuff!!! ;)
(insert 80's country song: That's Why Younger Men I starting to Catch My Eye ~ by KT Oslin)

Stopped in the cutest lil town. I don't even remember the name but on this rock is a plaque stating that President Abraham Lincoln spoke there! How cool is that!!!


My traveling partners Melina Melina & Gus Gus!

Mindy Hoggan & Melina Zamora
(looking back this seems like our last fairwell tour)

Shot of the cute old main street.
All that water!!! It was so humid the whole time. Felt like I was in a swimming pool.
The foilage was amazing there! Trees & flowers I'd never even heard of. Pictured next is floweres our stop at Nauvoo.

Nauvoo is rich in Pioneer history.
Really....this picture is just because I'd never seen a horse eat a tree before :)

Ft. Madison..... 1 of my very favorite stops!!!! It was awesome!!!

1st Real River Boat I'd ever seen!

Last but not least! Scariest old prison I'd ever seen! There was a ice cream shop next door that I'm certain prisoners have dug a tunnel to!

Day 2 was full of tons of lil adventures along the way. My very favorite thing about the trip was getting to spend time with the amazing Ms Melina Zamora. I'm blessed with such great friends!

Headed to Ogallala to stay with CLAIR for the night!
More pics from the trek cross country tomorrow!

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