Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

Don't Fence Me In ~ Had an obsession with fences this weekend!

Old Safe....makes you want to put a wild rag over your face & rob a bank doesn't it! ...Or at the very least saddle up your stick horse with a bunch of neighborhood kids to pretend to rob it :)

This lil' white church just struck my fancy

Aww, I just love old ranch houses. You can feel there story the second you set foot in them. The worn wood floors. Large kitchens that once bustled with meal time chores to feed a crew of hungry cowboys.

This looked like a perfect spot to set up a fort & play pretend.....As a child, we had numerous old buildings out behind the corrals that we would play in. Hope this ranch had a pile of kids running around playing "make believe" Love that world of endless possibilities

Last but certainly not least...a horrible attempt to capture a picture of the PRETTIEST BULL MOOSE I"VE EVR SEEN!!! Right alongside the road this morning. HE WAS HUGE!!! Not just a big body either, had the rack to match! Big, slick & shining....he was a beautiful creature!

Thanks for taking this lil' adventure with me! Hope you had fun!
See you soon down the Gypsy Trail!

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