Wednesday, September 15, 2010

By the Light of Cell Phone

By the Light of a Cell Phone ~

Yesterday afternoon I feel the familiar rattle of a horse trailer going by. I look outside just in time to see Dad's aluminum trailer bouncing down the gravel road. I call Dad & he says "We're going to cut studs. Come down if you want." Well, seems like a grand way to spend the evening & a great chance to snap some pictures. I haven't been down to this neighbors coral since I was young. After being lost for a few minutes I make my way down in the field with my car....which I have to leave along side the road when the creek crosses the road. Just as I was examining the best spot to try to jump the creek...Someone came down & picked me up. (luckily...I'm not sure I would have cleared it & I'm glad I didn't have to find out :)

Here are some pictures from the evenings events:

Starting out across the pen to catch one

Hot Pursuit

Catch 'em on the Corner

The Throw

Your Turn Partner

Big Loops

Escape Artist

Sagebrush & Sunsets

SO....I almost forgot! The header lost his rope. I was on the youngest person on the ground crew so I run over to the corner to grab his rope for him. This happened a few times. No big deal. Well, I slide in on the last horse to grab the rope off of the ground.....all the sudden I look up in time to yell & JUMP sideways out of the line of fire! Two head of horses HEADED OUT of the corner &thru me appeared to be the path of least resistance! They missed me by atleast a foot :)
Thank the good Lord above for protecting the ignorant! :)

Big Sky & Big Dreams
It was quite the wild evening! Right at Dusk we had a visitor in a Motorized Flying Vehicle float over the corrals & wave hello. I thought for sure that would be the coolest thing to happen but it was quickly topped when Dad jerked out his cell phone as a light to see to cut the last horse.

Sunset Pictures from night before last just out the back yard! The human eye is spectacular...the power of it's lens & everything that it can take it.....simply AMAZING! No man made camera can do it justice but here is a small glimpse of the beauty I saw that night.

Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails is proudly brought to you by
Lil' Red Roan!

Last but certainly not least, a valueable lesson learned. Dad's knife is getting dull & he asks if mine is sharp. I say...NO....I had been opening boxes & had a lady leg knife dull from twine & packaging tape. embarassing I have tons of knives ...doing me no good at all at home!
Moral of the Story~ ALWAYS PACK A SHARP KNIFE!!!

Scroll Trapper
Scroll Mini Trapper ~ Knife I Pack
Scroll Stockman
Scroll Lockblades
GREAT KNIVES! They come sharp & hold an edge well. I've been packing these for 2 years & really like them. Price ranges from about $20-$30


  1. wow.
    I've been to ropings where we had to use pickup headlights to finish the fast go but never used cell phone power.
    LOVE the pictures of the cross ties!

  2. This is Lori, not Jessica.
    I'm just hacking into her google account..

  3. Lori, I added one lil story I forgot :) Sorry