Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craving to See the Other Side of the Ridge!

"I was just following that trail that answered craving a cow puncher has, to see what it looks like on the other side of that big blue ridge that's always out ahead" Will James ~ Drifting Cowboy

This week I was headed North on I-15. A road I have traveled many, many, many times. I got to thinking to myself...How many times have I driven this road but never really seen what was right there in front of me. This is my favorite time of year right now...for about 2 weeks Hamer to Dillon is transformed into miles & miles of lush green grass for as far as the eye can see.

Well, on this routine trip down the great American highway I decided to stop....& smell the flowers. I wanted some pictures for the "Monida Rodeo Company" thank you cards and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Here are some pictures from my adventure! Hope you enjoy the trip off the beaten path as much as I did.

It was as if time....just stalled for a moment as I looked out over this glorious green valley! I was there! Bringing back the best of my past, the beauty of the now and the endless wonders of my future!

Hope you enjoyed the ride!

Yours Truely,
That Girl

Now back to reality ....and the rest of the story! When I left home, I looked at the fuel gage & thought...Hmmm, you should put a little fuel on in Dubois. Well, the Dubois exit came & went without so much as a brake light. Oh well, a lil fuel at Lima....I think will be fine. Hmmmm, Monida is so've driven by it hundreds of times but today is the day to explore!

I'm right up on top looking out at what I picture heaven to be......when the fuel light comes on and the gauge is way past E! Well, lucky for me the top of the hill is near & I can certainly coast down to save some fumes :)

Let the coasting begin! Not to worry, still plenty of time to get a few parting shots as we descend back into town. Even on the highway I was still overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounded my glorious drive. Even if I had to walk to town to get fuel, I think it would've been a beautiful walk! :) .................I can say that now.......because I coasted into Lima on fumes & didn't have to.


  1. Hey Mindy, love the pics.. Haven't been up that way since last year and I don't think we passed Pleasant Valley. That little ghost town totally creeped me out when I was little! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're very welcome Maegan! Glad I could share :) you know how to recieve updates to my email about comments???