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Matt Litz, Silversmith

This winter I would have the privilege of crossing paths with a talented emerging silversmith, Matt Litz.  Matt personality matches his silver work…absolutely top notch!  Matt was kind enough to visit and share a little bit about himself.

Q: Background?
A: Born in Lubbock, Texas.  Grew up living the American Dream being raised on a farm and ranch. 

Q: How did you get started in Silver Work?
A:  “I saw a belt buckle a man was wearing.  Wanted it, got it….and decided I could make that and have been going ever since.”

Q: Silversmith Work Hours?
A: Part Time Silversmith.  I work full time as a foreman in a welding shop.  I get home about 4:45 every day. Family time, and then out to the silver shop at about 8 until 1 or 2 in the morning.  My silversmith work is a one man shop.
Q: Role Models.  Who are people that you look up to in the Industry?
A: Bohlin’s older pieces, Clint Orms, Modern Makers: Dave Alderson, Scott Hardy…all unique styles… I admire crafty minds, different look on the flow of a buckle’s scroll design.

Q:What is your FAVORITE piece to build? 
A: “I like it all, whatever is the most fun to do.  Favorite piece to date was the Clutch Purse I did for the TCAA Emerging Artist Contest.  It was FUN to do! 

Picture of Winning Piece

Q: What inspires You?
A: ANYTHING!  Flowers I like, Leather Carving and trying to emulate that in the silver work.

A:Striving to make  heirloom pieces of timeless quality that people will think enough of to want to hand them down through the family generations.

Without Further Delay....................Let the SILVER SHOW BEGIN!!!!
Below is tiny sampling of some of Matt's Silversmith handy work!  Buckles, cuffs, gun engraving, and more!
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Polished Wings

Oh my goodness, you know how I love stunning sterling....and these rings are AMAZING!

 Like what you see, let Matt know! 
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Matt Litz Silversmith
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THANK YOU so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today! Loved getting to share the amazing works of Matt Litz Silvermithing with you!
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