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Brockman Rifles - Custom Built Rifles by Jim Brockman

Oh my goodness….I just got a sneak peek tour thru the AMAZING Brockman Gunsmiths shop!!!!  I am so dang excited!!!!  They had brand new innovations that haven’t even been released yet ….and I get to SHARE them with YOU today!!!!  So cool!!!!  

Brockman Rifles ~ Jim Brockman

Ok, back track a second, first….who is Brockman Rifle?  Second, how do I rate???  Well, I will answer them both for you!!!  Brockman Rifle, is a world owned and operated by talented Gunsmith, Jim Brockman.  He also happens to be my Uncle.  (Yes, every member of my family is ridiculously talented!) My intention today is to share with you Brockman Rifle and the amazing talents of Jim Brockman.  I hope to be able to connect those searching for the perfect rifle with skills of this talented gunsmith. 

History -  
When asked, how Jim got into Gunsmithing…..he jokingly replied that “ I was allergic to hay”
Jim was interested in guns from a very young age.  He received his first gun was a Bolt action 22 when he was 9 yrs old.  He got his first lever action at age 12. It was a family heirloom, his Grandpa Brockman’s  25/35. 

Brockman is also an avid hunter.  When asked about his favorite hunt, he said he liked them all.  A few of the hunts we visited about were:
-Alaskan Caribou
-Africa Plains game: Zebra, Kudu, Impala
-Texas: Free roaming audad, deer, pigs, and more
-Idaho:Mule deer, antelope, whitetail

Jim is the youngest, with 2 older sisters
Not a gun pic...but cute!
Jim graduated college with a Machinest and Gunsmithing degree.  Brockman then spent a year in Germany apprenticing in the original Mauser factory.  While there he gained a great appreciation for the value of a Stock Making. 

Brockman's Rifle Stock's Start to Finish Most stocks are walnut, various varieties of American, English, and Turkish.
Returning  to the states, Jim was hired by the US Importer of Mauser in Segiem, TX as a gunsmith.   In Alpine, Texas, Brockman Rifles would take life in 1992.  Brockman moved back to his home state of Idaho in the mid 90’s.  Present day ,Brockman Rifle is based out of Gooding, Idaho and employs an average of 4 employees. 

Brockman's Rifles- In the Shop

Brockman Rifle is most know for lever and bolt actions.  Here are a few that were in the shop during my visit. 

Brockman's Bolt Action
Brockman's Bolt Action
Fluted Bolt Action

Custom Color Case and Engraving
Brockman also refurbishes classic guns like this giant .50 caliber
BIG GUNS ~ Brockman also reburishes classic pieces
.50 Caliber
The shop is full of excitement in every corner you turn.  The re-load room was awesome!  Check out all that ammo! 
Brockman's Re-Loading Room
My FAVORITE is the AMAZING INNOVATIONS Brockman Rifle is coming out with!!!! 
Look at this!  Awesome Brockman's cartridge trap in the stock of the gun!!! 

Brockman's Cartridge Trap
So genius!!!!!!
Saving the best for last, Brockman's NEW TAKE DOWN MODEL!!!! 308 cal.

Not only is Jim a bad-a gunsmith, he is a family man and active in his community!  He has even started a 4-H Group for Youth Hunters.  Gooding, ID produces one of the west's best professional rodeos.  Brockman Rifles made a custom rifle for the High Money Winner this year.  They also provide and cook a the delicious Cowboy Hospitality Meal for the first night of the rodeo

Jim Brockman presenting CUSTOM BROCKMAN RIFLE for

 As I was visiting with Jim about rifles, his customers, and who he his customers are....It was so cool to hear the passion in his voice as he described why he builds guns and who he builds them for.  Most of Brockman's clients are custom ordering personalized guns tailored to them.  They are look for quality, hand crafted pieces and appreciate the work that goes into them.  They are extreme and they want the best! 

Brockman Rifles - Why are they the best?
Making a quality product but innovative enough to make it personalized for our customers. 


There are a number of questions you will need to consider to start your ordering process.
*What enviroment are you going to use your rifle in? Hunting or Casual
*Physique of the person ( a lot like fitting a saddle)
*Cartridge you plan on using
Women’s Hunting Rifle – usually much different fit than a man. 
Typical base price is $2500 to $3,500
There are a lot of serious factors to consider.  Brockman's rifles are in high demand with a wait list of about 3 years right now.  If you are lucky, on occasion they do have limited show rifles available to purchase. 

Brockman's Custom Gunsmithing:
Contact Information:
Jim and Jessica Brockman

2165 South 1800 East
Gooding, Idaho  83330


  Thank You so much for stopping by the Rodeo Tales and Gypsy Trails! It was my pleasure to share Brockman Rifles with you! 
See you again soon,

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