Wednesday, January 20, 2010



When I moved to Hamer, with in the first night I caught 4 mice…..1 of those was actually caught with by trapping him under a garbage can. Needless to say, I spent the night at my Aunt Nancy’s house. Even though the traps were empty I kept getting the smell of “dead mouse” in my bedroom. I was starting to think I was crazy. Well, come to find out…the mice can get into the heating system & ….wait for it…..there is not 1 not 2 but 3 sticky traps in the vent under my bed & there were 2 dead mice in my heater vent!!!!!!!!!

Well, needless to say…..this was a great motivator to launch an “anti animal campaign” in the house. Can Foam and Steel Wool for the holes, Bar Bait under the trailer, Bug Bombs in the house, Electric Plug Ins to bug the mice (send some sort of annoying sound out that is supposed to detour the mice), and last but not least an arsenal of 20 some good ol’ fashion traps…..this is serious business! J

The cute place that I am renting is on the corner of a field & the house sits right out in the center of that. The weeds hadn’t been cut all year & it was a rodent haven. Even once they swathed, there was still an abundance of inviting places for unwanted company. Time to bring in the troops! My Aunt Crystal got me 3 wild little kittens & I started the task of trying to convince them that my corner should be there new permanent home. Well, I did a pretty good job. 1 was really sweet and always loving up on you. Hmm….wait wait wait….this ends tragically & ends with Me flipping out, yelling at my Dad & his Dogs digging under my shed to get my kittens. This is not the point of the story….& just thinking about it gets me on the fight again.

Moving on, the neighbors had a nice black & white cat that needed a new home. The herd begins again! Not long after, a big Yellow & White stray started visiting every once in awhile. The herd has doubled & leave it to me to have PAINTS!

Oscar is a good dog. He is reprimanded if he harasses the cats. The Black & White will sleep in his Dog House & rub up on him. I can get after Oscar but if the cat puts his head in the dog’s mouth…I can’t cure stupid! In search for a refuge for felines….I brought home a CAT HOUSE! It’s pimp! Hinged door so I can put their milk & cat food inside & reclose it. Once closed, it has an arched door just big enough for the cat’s to get in. It’s awesome! The cats still like to sleep in the dog house but….it’s gotta help right.

Well, after helping Dad all day with the teams (yes, the day mentioned in the last story). We get a phone call that J2 needed to be picked up from a Boy Scouts. He is the last kid left there & she is just going to take him to her house until I can pick him up. I get there & they ask if I want another Cat. Wait, back up…..I need to set the scene a little. As you drive up the road to the house there is a sign that says “Forget the Dogs. Beware of the Kids!” The youngest boys are two of the toughest kids I’ve ever seen in my entire life…..seriously…Cowboy Kid…. Country Raised…TOUGH! Well, 1 of them catches the cat for me & says “She bites” Not 5 seconds later the other kid comes out & says….Oh she’s mean! She bites! Wow!!! (these kids saying she is mean….ahhh, not a good sign!!!) I’m holding the cat now….ahhhh! Tracy gets a box so we can put the Cat inside long enough to get it home. Cat in. Duct tape, duct tape & more duct tape….safety 1st J

J2 & I get into the car. The door is barely closed on the car & J2 is screaming “If that cats gets loose….Just Let Me Jump” ….as he is clinging to the passenger side door! I’m reassuring him that he’s not jumping out & it will be fine. We used duct tape! Meanwhile the cat is violently thrashing around in the box. The road to their house is probably ½ mile long. We aren’t even half way down it when….mrrrrowwww mrowww shriek roll…AHH!!!! I head, I see a head! AWWWW! The killer cat is loose in the back seat! J2 is screaming & jerking on his door handles! Thank you for Child Locks!!! Ok, ok, he’ll stay in the back….I no more say this & he is on the prowl! Headed straight for the front seat via the console & right in the middle of J2 & I! I don’t want a Crazy Cat to be bouncing off the walls of my car. I grab him, kindly but firmly. Oh wow, screaming little brother, Cute shaggy puppy & biting mean cat all in the front seat of my Pontiac G6! Snowy roads ….& smiling “nice kitty, nice kitty”! Oh wow, we finally made it home! Cat in hand, J2 is out the door before I even come to a complete stop! Aww, a little warm milk & straight to the CAT HOUSE! That’s right, we all survived & I now have THREE Kitty Cats for my CAT HOUSE !

Lol….ya, I just spent minutes of your life talking about a CAT HOUSE but if you can visualize J2 clinging to the window trying to get away from the cat….It’s all worth it!

You just never know where these Gypsy Trails will take you!

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