Friday, January 22, 2010

Trailing to Fields of Gold

Trailing to Fields of Gold

As we all know, Trailing horses is the world’s most funnest thing to EVER! When Dad started calling people to trail on Friday I was pretty excited! Ya….I never got a call. So Friday comes & goes. I ask Dad what he was doing Saturday & He tells me trailing horses. “You might as well come” Ha! The invitation! I play coy… “Hmmm, Maybe I’ll let you know” The next morning arrives & I get a call from lil J2 saying they have “The LEGEND” for me to ride & I better get over there. Well, The Legend just happens to be one of the horses that I bucked at Mud Lake & some other rodeos this summer. Out of 40 some horses…he wasn’t in my 1st 30 choices to ride if I “Had To” gather on something.

Well, Being Pea Hearted & having a lot of “I survived the Hoggan Ranch Self-Perseveration “ I decided to opt out of my favorite pass time & stay home. Well, there is no need to miss a chance for a good photo shoot so I dig out my camera & Oscar & I head up to the Sheep Station. I get there in time to scope out where I needed to be…or so I thought. Somehow it was more like “In time to get lined out by my Dad” I thought it was my idea to go take pictures but by the time got there I was starting to think it was Dads!

A dark line begins to appear on the horizon. The line fades away as the outline of a hundred horses moves down country. Crisp blue skies and fluffy white clouds set the scene for the western romance to unfold.

Here is a brief glimpse into the day.

Horses on the Horizon

Rocky walking the line

Catching a few to take home

Right here, Omar gets the horse heeled & Dad hollers for me to come up to get ahold of the rope so they can get shortened up. I'm bundled up in a big coat, snow pants & have my prize camera in hand. (picture the little kid of a "Christmas Story) So I clumsily flounder down thru the snow trying to get my camera in my coat pocket. Finally getting to the rope, held tight & the Omar gets shortened up. LOL....Omar says, I wasn't sure what you were doing...neither was my horse! I was afraid for your life! .....hahaha....ya, apparently my life was in danger but I was so worried about my camera, I never knew. Ignorance is bliss I guess ;)


Field of Gold - Glorious Belly Deep Grass as far as the eye can see

Even though I went to take pictures I ended up trailing for the 2nd half out to the pasture. Unfortunately for you, none of the boys had cameras so you will not get the pleasure of seeing me rock snow machine pants, pink wild rag & a long stocking hat with strings & a ball on the end of it. I definitely won the fashion contest, hat blowing behind me as I loped thru the snow. Oscar, my cute shaggy pup, (whom you are yet to be formily introduced to) also made his biggest day following behind my horse in the deep snow. He did pretty good.

A special thanks to Omar, Houston, J2 & Dad for the great day!

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