Thursday, March 18, 2010

Embrace the Blessings Prepared for You

So after spending Sunday night by myself and thinking about everything in the civilized world that was going forth without me, I had a reckoning. Laying in bed as the morning sun peaked on the mountain tops, it occurred to me I have a choice. I can choose to embrace the day & the wonderful blessings the Lord has prepared for me....and that is…. Exactly what I did! Little did I know just how extraordinary it would be!

I cooked breakfast for the guys. Mike & Casey came down to help us feed. (where hay loading is concerned…I think, the more the merrier) It was already off to a good start. Right as we got ready to break loose the ski’s on the sled, Kevin, Stephanie, & Trigg Jones showed up! Yay! Trigg took his 1st sleigh ride!

Did I mention it was a gorgeous day! Absolutely gorgeous, blue skies, warm sunshine, GORGEOUS!!!

Pics of Trigg riding Nip & Tuck!

What a good morning! Trigg was super fun. Thanks to Mike, Casey, & Kevin our 60 bales flew by in no time! Hmmm, now apparently Dad & I are headed in to fly!!!! Seriously, Kevin is a helicopter pilot & we are taking a trip with him! AWWWWWWWW! Awesome! Pretty excited! (Rita went with him before & she got sick & puked....we loaded a 5 gallon bucket for me just in case)

Here is where we begin the "alot less talk & alot more....PICTURES" section of our story!

Our fearless Pilot preparing the chopper!

Head set on & preparing to get flight briefing. No smoking, incase of a crash wait for the & pilot dies......wait until blades stop spinning before exiting chopper, & the fire extinguisher is to put out people....not plane...seriously! (not said during flight can't sing along to the radio....without it being broadcast to your traveling partners....dang it ;)

View of the river as we took off. There was a guy across the river watching us & I waved. He totally waved back....It was awesome! (wicked awesome is about the only word I used the rest of the trip) This is the portion of the story where you get a lot less talk & a lot more....PICTURES!
Arial view of another elk feed grounds. I think there are 22 feed grounds all togteher. They feed in rows at this one, pretty cool.

Mountain Goats way up in the back country. There are 2 goats visible in this picture. Right after this we landed on a peak, like they would do if Heli Skiing....sorry no pictures...I was to scared ;)
Palisades from above, making our way to Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls Stockyards

The chopper had to get some maintence work done so we spent the next couple hours at Geislers, Cal- Ranch, & Vickers. Hitting up the hots spots & shopping. Well mainly the guys shopped & I told anyone who would listen that "we just heli'd into I.F. for the day"...seriously say it outloud...It's just fun!
Dad & Kevin taking a photo op with the chopper before we take off again.
Me & my Dad, & the heli!

Snake River & the Idaho Falls Temple
Leaving the home country & heading back to Jackson

Heading straight for the Tetons!
Teton Valley ~ love the river views from up above!

Right before the Tetons....this is wicked rough country. Be prepared! The next picture, we are so close to the Tetons they just look like rocks!

This was amazing! I never thought I'd be this close to the tops of the Tetons & after seeing this rugged country....I never need to be again unless I'm in a chopper ;)
Evening light as we get ready to drop back into Jackson

Sun setting on a perfect day!

We landed safe & sound right in his backyard on the other side of the Tetons! What an awesome day! Thank you for the great ride Kevin! You rock! The rest of the trip paled in comparison. A huge thank you to all our friends in the Gros Ventre that made the trip such a great adventure!

In closing here are some pics from the rest of the time with the elk.

Elk at the Cabin

Just to show ya I know what a sunrise looks like ;)

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Wolf in the Window ;)

Bucking Bales at Alkali

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  1. Mindy,
    That is pretty fantastic! Great pics.! My kids are fascinated with helicopters, but the closest they've ever been is standing outside the fence at the hospital. You always did have the most amazing stories!

  2. P.S, a wolf in the window?! Totally creepy! Ella (my little 2 year old) would want to go out and hold "the puppy" and then it would probably eat her for a mid morning snack!

  3. Thanks Maegan! It was a great week!

    p.s.Even though you know they are there....still scares me, everytime!

  4. Mindy, you are doing a great job on this blog! I love when you post a new entry. What an awesome trip, I really enjoy all of the pictures, things I will probably never get to see in real life. Sharon Brusett

  5. Thanks Sharon, I really appreciate that. I'm trying. :) I'm so slow...just realized today that their are comments on comments from months ago I didn't know about. Thanks Again for reading! Love ya, Mindy