Friday, February 4, 2011

Understanding WHY she thought his tractor was Sexy

With a winter like this….I’m beginning to understand why she thought his tractor was sexy

More tales of an un-handy girl…..

· You might remember early, I mentioned “Trying” to load a ton bale by hand.


You can actually get a ton bale pushed onto a wagon by hand. However, wagons are not designed to with hold 2,000 pounds being DROPPED on them with a heavy thunk! Top bale is off-set so that you have gravity on your side. Pulling the wagon up as close as you can get to the bale and pushes it past it’s balancing point. It will fall on the wagon & BREAK the support beams! When you have a tractor you can gently maneuver the 2,000 pound bale and set it down gently onto the timber & iron wagon.

Also, when you manage to tip a bale onto the wagon…there is a very good chance that you won’t get it pushed far enough on the wagon. You no longer have gravity giving you super strength and now you can not budge 2,000 pounds of compacted hay. It will be too far to the edge & fall off before you can even get drove out to the field.

CALL A FRIEND, RELATIVE, NEIGHBOR…..ANYONE WHO HAS A TRACTOR! It will save you time, stress, and apologies explaining the wreck.

· Hay Bale Placement & Wagon Hitches

Feeding has been going relatively good. The pickup has started every time we feed. Not always on the 1 st try but eventually. There is good pile of straw and hay to feed. One of the water troughs is still working after the -28 below weather.

The other day I go out to feed the horses. Lil’ J2 and I usually do the chores together but he went into the Gros Ventre to feed elk with his Dad. No big deal. Feeding goes good. I’m headed out of the gate when I look back ……


It is however laying 20 feet from the pickup, flipped on its side, wagon tongue in the air, and ton bale on the ground.

A HUGE THANK YOU to REGG for coming & rescuing me with the tractor. No more harm was done to the wagon….(other than the previously broken beam from trying to load a bale by hand) THANK the Good Lord above that J2 wasn’t home because one of us usually rides the wagon to the gate so we can close it.

Moral of the Story…..

  1. Just because the wagon has been hooked up like that all winter…..doesn’t mean it is right.
  2. The placement of a bale on the wagon is crucial for proper weight distribution
  4. If you don't own a tractor....CONSIDER using LITTLE BALES!

4. Not only are these stories true and something most people would admit in public, I’m sharing them online. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! I did….It didn’t work out very well for me

p.s. THANK YOU to all my neighbors that have saved me from snow drifts, plowed my yard, plowed the road, and loaded bales with your tractor this winter!


mainly because I refused to have visual proof of my stupidity

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