Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spoon Rings & Silverware Jewelry

SPOON RINGS ~ & Much More
As many of you might remember, a few months ago I gave away a BEAUTIFUL spoon ring in the clean out the Toy Box Challenge. Well, there was only one beautiful ring and many wonderful ladies that loved it.

Well, I tracked down some beautiful spoon rings made right here in the USA from very talented artisans and I have contact info!!!
  • Laa T Daa JEWELRY
Laa T Daa JEWELRY are Idaho based artisans. I've had the privileged of seeing some of their pieces at shows such as the Jordan Valley Big Loop and the Bruneau Cowboy Christmas.

Delwyne & Colleen Trefz hand craft beautiful, quality silver jewelry.
Delwyne builds the sterling items while Colleen crafts her heirloom quality 'Silverwear' bracelets, pendants and rings from elegant vintage silverware!

If you have a few pieces of your Grandma's silver and have been wondering what to do with them, Colleen will be happy to incorporate them into a beautiful, one of a kind piece of jewelry that you will be truly proud to wear.

Here is a direct link to their web-site & other sterling jewelry

Spoon Rings


Beautiful Bracelet!
(Thank You Kaylin Dennis for the photo! You rock)

  • Scott Hall ~
Ranch raised in Idaho. Since age 5, Scott has been drawing. 7 years ago he combined that talent with a silver engraving & an Silversmith was born. 1st learning to cut silver from Kennard Realbird in Montana. Scott then went on to study in Kansas under Master Silversmith & Engraver, Sam Alfano.

Below are a few pieces from this talented artisan.
Custom orders are welcome.
Here is a link to See more of Scott's work on facebook:

Spoon Ring

Engraved Pendent


Bit Hangers
Pieces available to order right now

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