Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rodeo in the FreightShaker

Attempting to take a picture with my awesome ride for the weekend.

The Freightliner

Also kindly refered to as the FreightShaker!

Hello! I feel like it's been an eternity since I've sat down to write. Been on the rodeo trails the last few weeks.

From earlier posts you already know that I tried my hand at horse fighting last week. It was fine and I walked it off. Well, a few days after I woke up and it hurt worse than it had the night of, sore all the way up my hip and hurt right down to the bone. It got so bad one day I went down to an ol neighbors and got some dmso to put on it. (For the record...that will burn for over an hour. Not sure if it helps or the burning is just so bad that you monentarily forget about the reason you hurt in the 1st place)

If I keep moving it's not to bad but sleeping at night or driving anywhere....not awesome!

No big deal but there is a change in the plan.

*Plan for about 1 year: Take the stock to the Leadore Highschool Rodeo
(1 and a half hours away)

*3 days before New Plan: Semi truck load needs taken to Leadore. Regg will go to Leadore.

Now I will be doing the highschool rodeo in Burley. (3 hours away)

Ok, I will admit....I was more than slightly concerned about how I was going to sucessfully drive to this rodeo ....& be able to walk once I got there. The boss didn't think it would be a problem.

Friday morning I load up in the Freightliner head down the great American highway. I only drive the Freightliner a few times a year...and for me it is NOT like riding a bike. I have to re-learn how to drive everytime. Upon request, the boss gives me a quick run through of all the big buttons on the dash....lights, windshield wipers, jake brake, ect.

Soon Woodrow & I are rolling down the road in style. Shifting up to my top gears and making our way down the road. Aside from the fact that driving a semi takes YEARS off my life....small cars pulling out in front of you, darting over, slamming on their brakes...ect. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any big plans for being 193 years old but I'm afraid the truck driving is taking the years off the this side of the years instead of the others.

Good news, the truck is big and roomy. The big captains chairs don't touch the seat...heck my foot doesn't even touch the floor. I have plenty of room to stretch my leg as I drive too. The only time I have to use that leg is if I need the clutch. (So long as I hit my gears ok I should be good. On the offside chance that I get flustered in construction in Pocatello & have to start again from 1st gear...I would have to use the clutch ;)

Burley, Idaho is the 1st stop on this tour! Bucking horses pasturing on the lush green grass of the rodeo grounds infield! I even got pulled in through all the gates with out any wrecks! (Yes, I consider that an accomplishment. A plus of being un-handy :) You are easily pleased.

Thank you to Jerry Zollinger for driving over to help me gather & load.

On the road again! Jerry leads me through the easiest route out of town. Which happened to be through this residential area. Lots of shifting up, down, and stopping. Good practice for me :) We made it out of the big town of Burley alive and rolled up the road to Oakley, Idaho.

I even backed in at Oakley! It took a few times & some coaching in the big rig but I got it there. By now my leg is getting slightly agitated with me. I considered letting a glistening tear roll down my cheek every time I had to push in on the clutch :) but no worries. I took the management position....& had Jerry drive to the feedlot of to get the bulls.

Weather wasn't perfect but it sure was a rodeo permitting!
Blue skies and sunshine circled right above the areana as black dark clouds watered the surrounding area!

It was a new group of horses and rodeo kids for me to learn because I hadn't been down to that district for a long time. Horses bucked good and the a nice group of kids.

Favorite line of the weekend:

Standing on the chute about one timed event run away from bucking our 1st bronc horse. The bronc rider turns to me and asks

"What kind of average should I give this horse?" He was his hand held out in a fist with his thumb out.

Ok, it is the first of the rodeo season and I am a little rusty. I just stand there and stare. I'm not sure what this nice young man is trying to ask me.

(Does he want to know what reign to give the horse? or Does he want to know what an average is? or ....I don't know....what he is trying to ask.

Luckily one of his friends says to him... You just asked her what kind of an average to give.

That breaks the silence

I reply, with my hand in a fist & thumb out....that Yes, an average should be fine.

...and also if he's going to ask trick questions he needs to give me warning so I don't give him that puzzled look. :)

Thank you to everyone who helped make the rodeo a sucess! I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you to the Todd Carpenter family & Jerry Zollinger family! Thank you to bullfighters Justin & Allen- team players all weekend! Thank you to Broden Mathews, Jess and everyone who helped make the weekend a success!

Thank you do much to the Oakley Highschool Rodeo for allowing us to come rodeo with you.

Thank you to Hoggan Rodeo for the oppurtunity to rodeo!

Visit Hoggan Rodeo to see a full rodeo schedule for the summer of 2011

Thank you for traveling the Trail with me today.

Nothing to wild and crazy, just tales from an unhandy girl.

Thankful for all the amazing people I have the oppurtunity to work with.

Have a great week!

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