Friday, May 27, 2011

Montana Flooding- Yellowstone River

May 23, 2011
Checking out the Yellowstone River flooding in Miles City, Montana with friends!

High waters of the Yellowstone River sneak closer to the bank tops

Whirlpools scattered through the raging river
Woodrow wanted to go swimming at one point
but I assured him that was a bad idea & I would not save him.

Brit & Tiff being beautiful
Thank you to tour guide, Robert for showing us around
& being the group photographer.

Bright idea to get their picture in a the water. one fell in but Brit did get a tick :)

Flood waters creepy closer from every direction
Sheep Camp ~ residents don't seem concerned about rising waters

Mother & Child
Beautiful Tiffany watching the baby lambs

We went from looking at cute baby lambs to being scared for our lives.
Following pictures are taken outside of Miles City. Banks have washed out in spots.
Farmers are scrambling to secure remaining bank & save their places.
It was scary!

Bank has washed out & flooded out across.

Loads of dirt are being brought in by the dump truck load to reinforce the bank.
Followed by a CAT pushing things into place.

Owner said It is like trying to stop a Mad Bull with a Fly Swatter.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the flooding.

On my drive home, I had my own run in with the flood water about 50 miles before Livingston.
Cruising along about 75 miles an hour. Pretty soon there is a guy with a sign saying slow & a 35mph sign! THIS IS WHAT I SAW IN FRONT OF ME!

Had to drive through Water on the Interstate!
It was about 50 yards across, pretty deep & running fast!
You could feel it pushing against my lil' car! Pretty Wild!

Thank you for traveling the Gypsy Trail with me today.
Happy Memorial Weekend!

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  1. The flood waters are a bit concerning! My friend TJ emailed some flood photos from Billing - STAY HIGH, DRY AND SAFE!