Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Day at a Time - #2 Brothers & Sisters

One Day at a Time ~ #2 Brothers & Sisters

Did you have more brothers or sisters? Did you get along with them? If not, why?

Good Mornin Mornin! Hello Sunshine! This could be a complicated question for me. Both of my parents are remarried and the number of siblings has surpassed what you can count on your fingers. I'm going to answer this question from the view point of my youth. Growing up I was the 1st born to Jay & Nancy Hoggan. Later, my younger brother Eric would come. Followed closely by my youngest sister Rita.

Left to Right: Eric, Rita, Mindy

We fought like cats and dogs it seemed like :) Usually over who was doing the most work or while we were doing chores. Whether any of us would admit it or not....mostly it was because we were all just too dang similar.

My favorite memories growing up with Eric were riding up in Medicine Lodge for the cattle association. Dad would go one way and send us together another way. We never fought on the mountain when we were alone. We had to work together to be able to make figure out where we were going and get our jobs done. (Truth be told, our old horses kept us from getting lost most of the time, I'm sure)

Eric and I rode alot when we were young. There wasn't a loading chute at our house so we rode to Grandpa's to load the rodeo stock on the semi. We had a good path beat down through the gutters as we trailed to Grandpa's. Our time riding together we visited, played, and were best friends. Pretty sure we even held up a train or too in our travels back and forth from house to house.

Some of the wire gates were too tight for us to get open so I would get off my horse and put Eric's rope around it and hand it back to him. He would dally up to the 'Old Blonde Bomb Horse and pull it tight so I could get the wire off.

Don't get me wrong....we fought alot & hard sometimes. We didn't stop until we drew blood. Sure miss that lil' guy and the fights we could've got in if he had stuck around a lil longer.

Rita was another story. She was younger and didn't go with Eric and I as much. (I was always pretty certain that she was the favorite!) There is 5 years between Rita and I. It wasn't until I went off to college and we had some space that we appreciated we other a little more. We are SO MUCH ALIKE! That is part of the reason we still can drive each other crazy! To this day, certain mutual friends won't hang out with us together. :)

Regardless, I love her. We have had hundreds of miles of fun, rodeos and road trips. Boy crazy rants, alive at 25 driving advice and conversations that only a Hoggan girl could understand :)

Probably gonna have to send her a Love Letter today and remind her how awesome she is!

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  1. Love it Mindy! Takes me back too;)

  2. Thanks Maegan :) Over 10 years later and I'm finally working on finishing that One Day at a Time mutual project :)lol