Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick Riding

Hunting - Let me just tell you right from the get go…..I’m not a hunter. I have nothing against hunting but any of you that know me will very well know that …… Patient & Quiet…..well….they just aren’t my strong point!
Here is what I shot : ; )

I called my Dad when I got home to tell him that “Hunting” just wasn’t my thing. The whole Patient & Quiet ….just aren’t my thing. He replies ya, No kiddin! Remember the Trick Riding
Here is an ol’ story for ya. (To this day, this is one of my Dad’s very very favorite stories to tell)

Dad, Matt D, and I head out with the pack horse to take some salt blocks up to the cows. I love Medicine Lodge now…..but when I was little….I hated it! I was terrified of heights and it took all the gumption I could muster to not worry myself to death. We are riding on a road… looking back at it logically….It couldn’t be that steep.
Well, we are out on top and the salt goes on the next ridge. We get to a big Up & Down in the road. On the other side is one of the biggest herds of elk you’ve ever seen! Dad says to me, “Let’s be really quite and see how close we can get to them.” The three of us head down the dip in the road. Roanie, my horse, and I are being very cautious. Ok, well, I’m actually holding him up. He is taking baby steps down the grade for me. Pretty soon, Dad & Matt get to the bottom and are making their way up the upside. I, however, am still only half way down. Well, ol’ Roanie decides that he has had about enough of that. (Or as my Dad tells it…He decided not to let this dumb girl get him lost & he better get with the rest of the herd)
Roanie & I take off like a race horse out of the gate! SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS as we blow by Dad and reach the top of the ridge! When Dad gets up to me he is mentions something about to Matt about “So much for being quiet” and then says to me……I SAW YOU TRICK RIDING!!!!
I had just survived what I thought to be a brush with death….and he was accusing me of TRICK RIDING!!! Oh, I was so mad! Don’t worry after him re-telling it thousands of times…I just nod, smile, and revel in being the star of the story : )

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