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One Day At a Time Challenge ~ #1 Chores

Over 10 years ago, I was at an activity where we did a “ONE DAY AT A TIME” jar and journal. The concept is this:

One Day at a Time :

This little jar celebrates something important – YOU! If you will follow this simple plan, you will find that before this time next year, you will have a personal history finished.
All you need to do is draw out one slip of paper a day (or once a week but it will take longer to finish)

On the paper you will find a question. Spend a few minutes just enjoying the remembering! Then paste the question to the top of your blank page and begin to tell about it. TELL YOUR STORY!!!

Well, that is great in theory but over a decade later….I’ve only done 3 or 4 slips. SO…I’m going to give it another try! Here on my blog I will post a question and my story. Anyone who wants to take the challenge….TELL YOUR STORY!!! Strength in numbers : )

Here goes with question #1

Growing up where you responsible for any household chores? What were they? What did you most enjoy? What did you least enjoy?

Growing up was I responsible for any household chores? This question made me giggle. Oh man, my Dad felt it his person obligation to try to keep us kids with “SOMETHING TO DO”! He was always threatening to buy a milk cow so that we could get up in the morning and milk it. Thank the good Lord above he never came thru on that one.

I had a variety of chores ranging from bottle feeding bum calves to pitching up hay to the bulls. One year hay was expensive & grain was cheap so Dad filled the grain bins. We would take the wheel barn, a coffee can, used grain bags to bag our own grain and feed all the horses. It was such a pain but geez was I strong at the end of that summer!

Probably the coolest was another year of high hay, Dad bought old bread from the Day Old Store. We would bring home pickup & trailer loads of old bread, pudding pies, twinkies, ect. It was pretty cool for awhile….made for a cool story any ways : ) One time the grain bin was a couple feet deep in DAY OLD products and it rained….leaking in on the breads. You can’t stand knee deep in moldy twinkies without having reprocustions! Just seeing that stuff at a gas station would make me want to puke for about a year!

It’s hard to say what my least favorite was…..

Shoveling manure out the big semi trailer by hand, having to scale a big loaf bale to get to the top to pitch hay to the mangers, cleaning & oiling saddles…. They all seemed to be pretty miserable at the time. I did appreciate the sense of accomplishment when you finished & had done a good job.

Now looking back I appreciate the fact that my parents made me do them all. I’m glad they show’d us how to work. Lol….I know I was a lot handier in high school than I am now : ) Just got soft at college I guess. Last winter when I helped Dad hook the teams to feed with the sleigh….my 10 year old brother knew more about hooking the harnesses than I did.

Oh well, never a bad age to learn again :)

Pictures from 1998 0r 1999 ~ Doing chores :)

Here are some of my favorite chore stories:

Onery Bull

Mom & Dad had went to Hawaii with a bunch of friends on vacation for a week or so. I was in junior high but couldn't do they chores all by myself so they hired a baby sitter to come watch help. Stephanie Brown (now Hagenbarth), was in high school and she was my sitter! This would be the start of an amazing friendship. There was lots of wild stories from our week together but I'll save those for another time :) Back to chores...

The corral right in front of the house had some bulls in it. One person opened the gate and kept the bulls in while the driver pulled the pickup in. The gate opener then hopped on the pickup and pitched hay into old tire feeders as the driver navigated from feeder to feeder.

Well this one bull was just being onery! He started hooking the flatbed while we were on hit trying to picth hay! We were trapped on the back & couldn't get out of the pen ....or pack in the cab for that matter! Lol....what an onery old bugger anyway!


One time when I was in elementary school I had a bottle calf to feed. I got up super early because I wanted to have time to shower with out smelling like stinky calf milk. I go out in the dark of the morning to feed my calf that was penned under the old lean to room in one of the corrals. All of the sudden...there were RED LIGHTS FLYING THROUGH THE AIR towards us! It was HUGE! Flying low and right down the road towards us! I was certain it was aliens coming to get me and my baby calf! I grabbed it and hid in the back corner as far as we could get! I was just sure they were coming to get us!!!!

After it passed, I ran to the house just as fast as I could!!!! Mom & Dad were pretty sure that it was a helicopter ...but you'll never fully convince me :)

This assignment brings a whole slew of stories to mind! Like hitting my horse with the tractor, riding at the sheep station, Twizzler straws and many more that will have to wait for another day :)

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