Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Question #3 Principle I've Learned

Question #3:

Share a principle you have learned, or one you have taught.

This question was really hard for me. Maybe because I’m never really sure what I know. Just because it is true for me, doesn’t mean it is that way for you. After much thought, I decided to write on a principle I know to be true for me. (If you are writing to yourself, guess that is the only opinion audience you need to worry about ; ) I will state the principle and then give a lil’ back ground on how I came to learn this knowledge.

The best way to succeed is to discover what you love and find a way to share it with others ~ unknown

If you put your heart and soul into something it will show! I can see a smile when I talk to someone on the phone. Our work is no different!

Lil’ Red Roan is a company I started a few years ago. It is a small business carrying my Mom’s leather products, some of my creations, and a few other treasures. Lil’ Red Roan is one of the ways that I share what I love with others. Almost everything in the store….I LOVE!!!! I’m a horrible salesman & just can’t sell it if I don’t believe in it!

For example:

Lady Leg Pocket Knives : Since I was real young, my Dad has always been real adamant about packing a pocket knife so you had it when you needed it. Well, 3 or 4 years ago, I lost my favorite knife! I tried to replace it with an identical knife but it just wasn’t the same. The knife company had changed hands and the quality just wasn’t the same. The search was on! I set out to find a new knife that I loved & could pack every day. I found these lady leg knives and fell in love! The knives came sharp, held an edge good and durable! I loved them and had to share them with all my girlfriends! They each got one for Christmas.

Sortin’ Pens:In college, I received an award and part of that award was a Sortin’ Pen. It was an awesome award! It was commending being a good person (can’t remember what the specific words were but that was the jist) Well, this award did 2 extraordinary things for me! 1st in fueled a fire in me to want to commend and reward “People Caught Being Good”! I will elaborate on that later. 2nd , I was so proud of my new Sortin’ Pen that I started backing it everywhere with me….right next to my pocket knife! If you would have told me that I would pack a $30 writing pen….I would tell you that you were crazy! I started packing it and soon…It was a necessity! I Loved It! They are perfect size to fit in your pocket, writes in all types of weather, upside down, freezing, raining, all the time…It works! Perfect for anyone working in the back pens at a rodeo because you have it when you need it & it works!!! I loved them so much that I started getting them for all our rodeo crew members to say Thank You….and just because I think they make life so much easier! Now we are all packing them! They are a must have! Last twice as long as a regular pen, lifetime guarantee, and the refills are only five dollars!

Love Letters from the West: The most valuable thing I learned in my customer service class in college (or one of the only this I retained) was the importance of THANK YOUS! I took this to heart and when I started working as a sales representative for Stoecklein Publishing & had NO IDEA what I was doing….I tried to treat people as I would want to be treated and show SINCERE GRATTITUDE for taking the time for me in their day and every order placed. THANK YOU’s carried over into my rodeo career. Committees, Crew, Friends, Family, and all the people that make it possible to do what I love every weekend. If you can imagine, that is a lot of cards!

Well, my dear friends gave me a camera one Christmas & I started taking pictures in my travels. It seemed only natural to send a picture from the weekend to say “Thank You for Sharing Your Day with Us” ….and thus “Love Letters from the West” was born! I love my cards! I love to travel! I love to see beautiful things, capture them in my camera and share them with you!

I love to send love letters and brighten someone’s day.

I love to be able to give a sincere compliment. When you see something praise worthy or admirable….Let people know! (Trait that I learned from my dear college roommate, Tiffany Wagner)

I love when you can give the perfect gift…just what they wanted & even better than they expected! It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive….sometimes just the kind words they needed to hear at the exact right time.

Time spent uplifting, encouraging, and serving others is always well spent.

I am constantly discovering what I LOVE! Lil’ Red Roan is one of the ways that I share it with others.

Another LOVE for me is writing! I love to tell stories! My blog, Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails is a great outlet for me. It is therapy for me. It makes me feel better, get it all out and starts a fire inside of me! I love to pair pictures and great quotes together! More and more I write as tho I am writing to myself. Seems that I can speak more openly when I’m the only one listening ; ) I think if you speak from the heart people will hear you and if what you say brings a smile to one other persons face then you are successful.

Discovering what I LOVE & finding a way to Share it with others….

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