Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Foggy Mud Lake Morning

November 1 s t started out like any ol day….aside from the fact that my dog woke me up barking at 4:30 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided might as well get up and get to the tasks for the day! I thought maybe I could sneak a nap in at 6:30 a.m. but no luck. Oh well, not tired and lots to do! I pretty much proceeded to kick but and take names! Nothing to exciting, Lil’ Red Roan inventory, budgeting, and …….PAINTING FRAMES!

Around 5, I had just finished an order and decided to drop it off to cousin’s home. This is where the excitement begins! My lil’ cousin Ellie, decided that she wanted to come to my house to play. I told her she could if she didn’t puke on anything : ) She assured me she wouldn’t!

I must back track to Friday night, Ellie and I had our 2 nd annual Halloween Carnival date! She and I have a fabulous girls night out on the town. The carnival was awesome. We partied until they closed it down. We filled our night with Fish Ponds, Spook Alley’s, Bouncy Houses, Face Painting, and even winning a cake walk! The Hamer community did a great job & should be very proud of themselves!

When the time came to go back to home to Mom & Dad, Ellie decided she wanted a sleep over. This would be a 1st at my house but I figured we would be ok. Well, we survived ….but almost every blanket in my house got caught in the cross fire. She decided she didn’t feel good the next morning and before I knew the poor lil’ thing had puked ALL OVER EVERYTHING!

Needless to say, 3 year old Ellie didn’t get to go trick or treating that night. Which brings us back to the present, Ellie decides she wants to play at my house Monday afternoon, November 1 st. Her Halloween costume is still there so we obviously put it on. Who doesn’t want to wear their Halloween costume as much as possible! Being the funnest cousin ever, I get the brilliant idea to go Trick or Treating!!!!

Making our way to our 2 closest neighbors homes and them on to Dad’s house. Every one has lots of left over candy and is real sweet. When we arrive at Dad’s house, my lil’ sis Penelope is pretty sure she should have her costume on too! Penelope has a friend, Gillette, over playing too. Might as well have a gang so…I raid J2’s bed room! I get shot guns, pistols, coonskin hats, cowboy hat, and set out to the car! Gillette & I are outlaws! Picture it, Gillette in one of Dad’s hats, gun belts, pistols, bull whip, and wild rag! I’m in a coonskin hat, pink boots shot gunned, wild rag pulled up over my face, sword in my belt, and toting a shot gun! We are OUTLAWS! (When I tell Ellie we are Outlaws, she promptly replies with….GO TO JAIL! ) If you are going to be gutsy enough to Trick or Treat in November, you better dress up!!!!

Now that we have a gang of Outlaws, a Butterfly, and a Lady Bug…we head out on the Trick or Treat Trail! We are true lady bandits, stealing hearts wherever we go! The lil’ girls would say Trick or Treat and blow them a kiss as we rode off into the sunset. : ) Thank You to Joe & Ella Marty, Carpenter’s, Nelson’s, Hoggan’s, and Peterson’s for being such great stops along the trail! Dusty and Ann thought that we needed a picture of me in the Coon skin hat. I gracefully declined. It’s not just every girl that will go around dressed up in her little brothers toys and no makeup …..& willingly visit her neighbors!

No pictures from our Halloween adventure…. We are elusive Bandits and the WANTED posters going up all over town remain with “Picture Unknown” just that we are a dangerously good time in the warnings!

Thankful for small communities, good neighbors, amazing family, and all my Outlaw partners!

Happy November!

That Girl

p.s. Here is a few stories that I've skipped that I thought I better get thrown in before I forgot about them all together!

Forgotten Hunting Story : (Should have been with the Trick Riding post ;)

While eating lunch at the Stagestop, we over hear a man asking from a tow truck. He has been out hunting in the mountains in his 2 wheel drive pickup. After getting his truck stuck, spending the night on the mountain, walking to the gas station….he was now seeking help to get his truck.

Well, while on the mountain we crossed paths with this hunter again. He was in with the tow truck driver. They stopped us to see if we had seen the man’s pickup! He couldn’t find where he had left it!

Irrigating in October:

2, 3 Year Olds & a 5 Year Old…..my theory was Wear them out….or be worn out! Here is some pictures from my all star irrigating crew

Pics taken with camera phone. Princess took this two!

(For the record, by the ended of the day….WE ALL NEEDED A NAP!)

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