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The most traditional thing about my family’s holidays …is our non-tradition. In warm weather, we spend them rodeoing. In cold weather, we try to figure out how to function when not rodeoing.

This year I hosted my very 1st THANKSGIVING DINNER! With less than 24 hours notice, meal preparation began. Dad called me up to see what I was doing and soon it was decided that we would have a meal at my house. He asks me if I want him to go get a Turkey? I reply…..No. Do you want to cook a turkey? He replies, No. Well, I said, I wouldn’t buy it if you don’t want to cook it cuz I’m not cooking it!

Just Dad & I…maybe shrimp & steak would make a good meal….Super Bowl Party like food. Soon Dad calls and Uncle Lynn is going to eat also. 3’s a PARTY! The 1st Official BACHELORETTE & Misfit Husband Thanksgiving!

Wednesday night I put together a menu & went to the grocery store for the 2nd time that day.

HOMEMADE Soup & Cookie Smorgasbord!

  • Creamy Tomato Soup
  • Taco Soup & all the garnishes
  • Potato Soup, topped with freshly grated cheese
  • Ham & Cheese Wrapped in Buttery Delicious Croissants
  • Green Salad
  • Cottage Cheeses
  • Pumpkin Cookies
  • Butterscotch Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Spicy Honey Ham (provided by Aunt Nancy, THANK YOU!)
  • Mountain Dew Apple Turnovers (provided by Aunt Crystal, THANK YOU)

All three soups were whipped up Wednesday night! Pumpkin cookies were knocked out. Dishes & kitchen completely clean!

Thursday morning I set out to tackle Butterscotch & Chocolate Chip Cookies. Done! Ham is next on the chopping block! Last but certainly not least, Ham & Cheese Croissants coming out of the oven as my guests are diving into their 1st bowl of soup!

Dad, Uncle Lynn and I probably spent no more than 20 minutes eating and that included a brief break for visitors. (Dana, Mike, Crystal, and Nate, GREAT to see you all!)

Uncle Lynn needed some help with getting a tractor up to the ranch from lower lodge. Everyone went their separate ways. I had the whole kitchen cleaned up and dishes washed in 30 minutes! Dad came back and picked me up. Stopped and hooked on to his flat bed trailer, loaded the tractor in Lower Lodge, and made our way to the ranch.

Normally, this wouldn’t be that exciting of a day but since it was Thanksgiving I guess the spirit just fills your soul ….if you let it….and we had a great day. I heard stories about our family history that I’d never heard before. It was a great THANKSGIVING!

Rolling back home that night, a few neighbors came over for a friendly card game of Hoggan Rook! Thanks Pat & Savannah McGarry, Andrew, J2, and Dad. Great way to end the day!

Here is some stories from the day:

  • Tom & Vivian Stelzer lived way up Medicine Lodge. I remember visiting their home when I was young. Vivian had a LEMON TREE in the house! I was pretty sure that was the coolest thing since sliced bread!
Dad told me a story about Tom delivering the mail with a Team of Horses. He would hook a team at his house, pick up mail thru the canyon, and drive them out to Small, Idaho. Switching to Lee Small’s team and driving the rest of the way into Dubois. Unload and drive back to Small’s to spend the night. Hook up in the morning and head back up into the Lodge.

Dad told me about people sending Outlaw work horses & run away saddle horses to Tom. Tom said, “They ain’t too fast for me. Never had one that could run to Dubois and by the time we get to Small’s they were wanting me to tell them to stop”

  • Uncle Lynn told stories about the ranch and working when they were young. The day their Dad died, neighbors coming up to help finish harvesting the grain. Lynn & Max out in the field working & crying their eyes out over the unexpected death of their father. Dad was about 2 years old and remembers his Grandpa falling to the floor as he went around the corner in the kitchen.
  • Grandpa & Uncle Lynn had to walk across a filed to catch the school bus to get to high school in Rigby (from Lorenzo, I think) Uncle Lynn said, "We missed it more than we caught it" :) Finally, Grandma took pitty on them and let them stay with her for $50 a piece, a month.
  • "Don't think the "Do Gooders" had any idea the effect the wolves would have on the elkherds" We saw two big bull elk down in the middle of the canyon. This is unheard of to see the elk low like that especailly during hunting season but the wolves had them pushed down.

'Wise old man began to speak, passing judgment on someone.
Then paused... I don't really know so I guess I shouldn't say'

Dad & Uncle Lynn both told me stories of our family....more than I could remember and write but I just wanted to take a second to record a small piece of the family history passed on to me this Thanksgiving!

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Many you receive all the blessing the day has prepared for you!

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