Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sand Castles (Question #4)

Sunset from my Sand Castle

HAPPY NOVEMBER! I’m thankful for being raised in the country! I’m thankful for acres of land to explore and endless adventures in your own back yard!


Did you have a childhood hide-out? Where? Describe it.

We had lots of childhood hide-outs right in our back yard!


There were two old milk barns just cross the filed from my castle. We called them our cabins. The 1 st one was mine and the next one was Eric’s. Oh, they were so awesome! Mine was nicer than Eric’s. (Mainly because his had more leaks when it rained) I was quite the decorator …lol. They were 3 rooms. I remember having a toaster oven in mine…lol. Beds made out of old metal barrels with grain bags for bedding. Luxurious couches made out of boards and tires. I often invited my imaginary friend, Maggie over to play. (Maggie was my cousin that lived in 3 hours away. I loved to play with her but didn’t get to visit a lot so I pretended she was there playing with me)


Every great cabin has a vehicle and ours were top of the line! Two old tractors, one for each of us! The engines in those tractors hadn’t been fired up in years but we drove them thru miles and miles in our imaginary adventures.

Sand Castle:

My hometown can have a slight breeze….on occasion. Lol….and if you’ve ever drove into our lil’ valley during one of these wind storms….& witnessed the dust bowl….You know what I’m talking about : )

Wind combined with our sandy soil can create some HUGE sand drifts. One of the old barns out behind had sand drifted to the very top of the of both back side wall…… MY SAND CASTLE! I loved my castle. It was awesome! You could climb up, roll down, dig, and act out all sorts of imaginary stories! It was one of my favorite places to go watch the sunset. You could dig down just a little bit and feel the warmth of the day still radiating from the sand. Ummm, I can almost still feel the warm sand between my toes. Even when I got older, I would still return to my childhood castle to think and just be. One of the last times I remember going out to my sand castle was the morning after my little brother Eric was killed. The house was full of ringing phones, concerned friends and family…and all the noise that comes along with it. I slid outside to my castle, sitting above it all at my own lil oasis.

The old barns have been torn down now. Sand has blown on to other small childrens hide-outs but the castle will be forever in my heart.

Photo by Nancy Martiny

Wagon Train ~ Eric & I would often load up all our stuffed animals & take them on a pack trip with our bikes & Red Ryder Wagon

Swimming at Mud Lake with cousins, Maggie & Wes
Rockin my favorite, Lodge Grass Indians t-shirt :)

Photo by Nancy Martiny

Photo taken by me in my Jr High Photography Class :)
Old Dog, Spike, the very 1st dog that would mind Eric & I when we were cowboying

New train tracks at Christmas!

Chillin with cousins, Maggie & Wes in Kimberly

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