Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This morning I'M THANKFUL!

This morning I’m THANKFUL!

Loving November & the Gratitude that is filling the air!

Just a few things that I'm THANKFUL for this morning!

I’m thankful for the amazing day that has been prepared for me!

I’m thankful for all the blessings that flood into every day!

I’m thankful for an unexpected phone call from a friend.

I’m thankful for my FAMILY & all that entails : )

I’m thankful for having projects around the house because it means that I have a roof over my head.

I’m thankful for living in a country where we are free!

I’m thankful for all the hard working men & women that serve to make our lives better! Thank You to the military, Firemen, Police, EMT’s, Road & Bridge, Snow Plow Drivers, Line men, health care providers, farmers, ranchers....the list goes on & on! I’m thankful for everyone who works to make the quality of life better by serving!

I’m thankful for NEIGHBORS! Thankful to live in a community that joins together to help one another.

I’m thankful for little kids! So blessed to be able to spend time with kids. Thankful for the prespective that they give.

I'm thankful for home-cooked meals! Only thing better is getting to share them with others.

I'm thankful for Photography! Seeing something beautiful and being able to share a glimpse of that image with others.

I'm thankful for writing! Thankful for those who take the time to record their story & share it with others!

I'm thankful for schooling! Thankful for the tools to be able to read, write, and communicate with others!

I'm thankful for all the great teachers that take the time to share their knowledge with others!

I'm thankful for BUCKING HORSES! Nothing prettier than a bucking horse ballet when rider & horse match up to make poetry in motion!

I'm thankful for good people! Thankful for everyone who chooses the right, Helps a neighbor, and is a good example to those around them! I have thousands in my life to THANK that have lead by example! THANK YOU!

I'm thankful for my parents!
Thankful for an amazing Mom! Thank You for being such a great example! Thank You for always believing in me and helping me to succeed.

Thankful for a Dad who is a one of a kind. Thank You teaching me how to work. Thank you for taking us with you and sharing your knowledge and friends.

I'm thankful & blessed to healthy! Thankful to be able to walk, run, leap, play, ride! Anything I can think I can do! Thankful to be able to see the amazing sunrises! Thankful to be able to smell the Christmas trees! Thankful to hear my favorite song on the radio! Thankful to be able to feel a cozy blanket wrapped around me!

Thankful for crisp cool CLEAN morning air!

Thankful for cold fresh well water!

Thankful for all the wonderful people I am surrounded by!

THANKFUL TO BE ALIVE! I will soak up every blessing today has to offer!

"The fire had burned down to big hunks of hot red coals. He gazed at it for awhile, and as it is when gazing at an open fire that way, his thoughts went around some, but not to much, just enough to make him feel peaceful and content."
SAND by Will JAMES (Pg 13)

"There is something about a big fire too which made him contented to just stand there and watch. Every flame and burning limb held the eye, sort of soothed the mind and stirred the imagination.
Sand by Will James
(pg 143)

Just a few pictures from this weekend that I wanted to share.
Hope you can feel the warm of the fire and enjoy that peaceful & content feeling

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