Tuesday, November 23, 2010


somehow....BLIZZARDS....make matrimony seems like a sensible idea.

Sitting in my living room by the fire place….in long jonhs & snow pants! Brrrr! Snow drifting in a window and in the back door! Apparently, I didn’t do enough home repairs before winter hit!

Lots of fun snow day activities! It got pretty serious today! Had to revert to washing dishes, clothes, and cooking to stay warm!

Chopping firewood ~ Zumba has NOTHING on chopping fire wood! Pretty sure by the end of the winter look like I’ve been going to the gym every day…..cuz it was single digits & I was dripping sweat…..& barely got very much wood split!

Snow Day Soup ~ Snowed in, no biggie, plenty of food to make up a tasty treat. How about a delicious taco soup! I get started in and discover that I have almost none of the “recipe” ingredients. Don’t even bat an eye. When in doubt, wing it! Can of Corn, Can of Green Chilies, Spanish Rice, Can of Tomatoes, Can of Chicken Broth, Taco Seasoning, Water…..and so specific rhyme or reason for any the quantities added! Lol…it was a bit spicy but edible none the less!

Lil’ Light at the End of the Snow Drift

I need this wild life, this freedom.
Zane Grey
THANKFUL to live in the country!

Thankful to have a fire place!

Thankful, Dad has a team of horses…in case we really need to get around.

Thankful to have good neighbors that come to the rescue when you’re stuck in a snow drift …ON THE ROAD!

Thankful for tractors.

Thankful for food storage.

Thankful for power.

Thankful for running water.

Thankful for internet : )

Thankful for ovens.

Thankful for lights.

Thankful for Blizzards! What a blessing! It’s like a Saturday but you can’t run off to play so you are BLESSED with free day to take a Big Chunk out of your TO DO list!

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