Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All I Know Is I Love You

All I know is I love you

A few years back, after Grandpa passed away, an onslaught of telemarketing spam artists began calling my Grandma. They offered a life time of financial security, or she'd won millions....she just needed to send money to begin the retrieval process.

This had been going on for months. Well, one day I happened to stop in to see Grandma when one of THEM called. I listened quietly for awhile and then told her I wanted to speak with them. She said, "My Grand Daughter wants to speak to you" and handed me the phone" This is where it get ugly. I completely lost it! The verbal beating began....I don't remember word for word but it involved ....calling them Rat Bastards.....and You should be ashamed of your self targeting the elderly and sick! All of this speech was delivered in that Hoggan, sorting voice and ended with slamming the phone down on the receiver.

Grandma was in early stages of dementia and didn't understand why I would hang up on someone who wanted to give us money. Not that I accomplished anything....but it did make me feel a little better.

Close to 5 years later, Grandma's dementia has progressed considerably. My cousin, Regg walks into Grandmas home a few days ago and hears her talking on the phone with someone. She is telling them how much she loves them. Eventually, Regg gets on the phone to see what the deal is. It one of those Scammers. He listens briefly and gives the phone back to Grandma. Grandma continues to tell them how much she loves them and how pretty they are.

Now that is Frontier Justice!
(...and yes, much more effective than yelling at them through the phone)

Regg said it best, "Grandma doesn't know who you are she only knows that she loves you"

All I Know is I Love You
Mindy, Elaine, and Rita Hoggan ~ Dillon College Rodeo

Every week my Aunt Nancy loads Grandma and goes to town for prescriptions, dinner, and groceries. Last night I had the opportunity to go in with them. As we went through out the nights activities Grandma told people I hope you know I love you...always have, always will and You're so Pretty! From the waitress down to strangers passing in the grocery isle. It is especially fun to see the smile on a young woman's face when a stranger tells her that she is pretty. The only thing better is when she tells one of her burly bearded boys how pretty they are. :)

What an amazing example of unconditional love!
I don't know that I will tell my waitress I love her but the next time I go somewhere I will definately try to SMILE, give sincere compliments, commend the good in people, and try to live up to the example set for me.

Thankful for my Grandma, for everything she knows, and the amazing example she is to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read and traveling the Gypsy Trail with me today.

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  1. Oh Mindy, What a special story, and a special lady. Many memories rushed thru my mind as I read the article through the tears. Knowing that she is fragile and that we are fortunate to have received her love.
    Janet laird