Monday, April 25, 2011

Congradulations to Our Mad Scientist!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Rita Elaine Hoggan!!!

This morning I'd like to give a shout out to my super talented sister for completing her
Bachelors degree in Applied Physics from BYU!

Mom, Dad, and I spent 2 WHOLE days in Utah celebrating her achievements.
Here is a picture tour of the world of our lil' mad scientist!

Graduates filing into the Commencement Ceremonies in the Marriott Center.
The building holds over 22,000 people and is the 4th largest college basket ball venue in the country. With the use of cell phones, Rita was able to see where we were sitting and wave from across the arena :) As my family and I made our way through the sea of people to seats
I was reminded of a scripture.
For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them.
~Matthew 18:20

The proceedings were long but Elder Scott gave a really good talk. It had a bulleted list with 10 important things to help you in life. ...Ya, I only remembered a few but these were the things said from the day that stuck out to me most :)
  • Smile
  • Serve
  • You will soon learn that everyone has problems and no one wants to hear yours :)
  • Don't Complain
  • Do what is right and let the consequences follow
  • Use the Savior, Jesus Christ, as your example in life.
After the ceremonies Mom, Dad, Rita, and I all went out to dinner to celebrate. Thank you so much for dinner Dad! Nice day spent with my family

Day 2 of graduation begins with the usual frantic navigating of this gigantic college campus in search of a parking spot and then wade through people to find seats. This is the day that she actually walks across the stage! Each department has its own ceremony so it is a much smaller group of graduates today. Don't get me wrong....there was still a lot put it was only 4 pages of graduate names instead of the book of names on the previous days program.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics!
Congratulations Rita!

Rita shaking hands on stage as she gets her degree

Proud Parents! Mom & Rita at graduation!
Dad & Rita!

So you might be wondering what Rita has been doing all this time at college. Well, don't you worry! Here is a sneak peak into the daily workings of her college life. She took us on a tour of the "Underground Lab!"

After going down several flights of stairs, we are greeted by this! Seriously, doesn't it look just like the security pads you see on tv! This isn't the lab Rita works in....her door warnings are even better!

Radioactive Emissions: Stray Neutrons looking for a home.

Rita in the lab!
Rita testing for radiation! Seriously! Crazy!

Device Rita made and wrote her thesis on.
(No idea what it does, you'll have to ask her)

Box that her device is in....this seriously reminded me of something in a rodeo clown act :)

As if I wasn't convinced already, we went to a Physics demonstration. After that I was convinced that she now has all the skills to be a successful rodeo clown!

Mom, Dad, & I Soaking up knowledge in a BYU classroom.
Just one of the many super cool tricks that you can do with Physics!

Overall, it was very cool to get a glimpse into her college life. Congratulations Rita! We are so proud of you!
Love ya,

p.s. If you ever think you should move again out of an apartment that is up three flights of stairs
... I'm busy. ....

Oh wait....p.p.s....more to come!

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P.P.S. ...Ok, I just found a note in my purse from great quotes from our Graduation adventure!

  • Dad calls Rita to get directions to campus. During the course of the conversation he asks "Do I have to stop for these people in the road?"
    Rita replies, "Ya, you have to stop for pedestrians. They won't yield for you" (Rita knows, she hit one once) Dad, "Ya, I noticed they are kind of stupid"
Executive Inn & Suites ~
  • Mom and I are getting a hotel room. Mom is checking in and I'm on the phone with Rita. I tell Rita where we are staying and she says "Ya, that should be good if you don't get murdered"
  • Mom comes back from the office. She is backing the room key and the TV remote. Mom says " I didn't know if I rented a room or bought a burro.
  • We get into the hotel room and it is ok...shady but definitely not the worst I've ever stayed in. I go check out the bathroom. Ya...the toilet is like Old Faithful....every time you flush it shoots water upward so not only do you have to make sure the lid is closed before you have to dry down every before you can use the facilities.
  • Last but not is an adjourning room. Usually there is 2 doors, one in each room with a lock on both sides. Nope, not this one. One door and it is on their side but the lock is on our side. Luckily, I checked it before we went to bed...because at 12:30 in the morning we someone was trying to come into our room!
That's all the randomness for now :) Maybe I'll remember more later

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  1. Oh my lord loved the quotes! Hahaha..... Congrats to your sister, that's wonderful!