Monday, April 11, 2011

Working Up a Sweat!

Want an alternate workout routine that is comparable to Zumba? I highly recommend TB testing rodeo bulls! Just sayin, by the time I got done running up and down the alleys....and up and down the fences.....I was sweating! :)

Doc Warner, Regg, Ellie and I head out to work bulls this morning. I will be loading. Sorting anything is an adventure at these corrals because the corrals are old and many many posts need replaced. It looks like rippling waves as the bulls bounce down the alleys and up the loading chute to be tested.

Regg says to me "Watch the Black bull"...pretty soon it's....oh ya, I forgot watch the red bull too. I replied with, "I think I'll just assume that I shouldn't try to pet any of your bulls"

The words no more leave me mouth....I'm bringing bulls down the alley that don't necessarily want to move out. Finally getting them in the alley and pushed past the final gate. I pull a "man move" and close a gate with a bull pushing against it. Basically I just buffaloed him and said...I'm Bigger than you, STOP!" worked but I definitely didn't try it with the hotter bulls :)

All the the pictures taken are from a camera phone with NO ZOOM.
Regg says to me,
"Hold this gate and if I get to bringing them to something about it!"

Ellie, age 4, was a good helper today.


Enrique, tested and ready to go in with cows!

Last but certainly not least, BLESSINGS! Ellie was cold this morning so we got in the truck to get out of the wind. Regg was moving some hay with the farmhand tractor. He called to see if we were going to unhook the trailer because there were chains hanging down that we would drag if we moved the outfit. I informed him, No, we were just getting out of the wind.
It did cross my mind that...I could go unhook the trailer.....but na, I'll pass.

Doc arrived & we got ready to work bulls. Thank the Good Lord above!!!! Well someone else hopped in the pickup to go unhook....well....this is what happened next!

So so so glad....I wasn't the one driving....just sayin :) Thank you so much for traveling down the trail with us today!

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  1. Ohh no! Lucky it wasn't you haha! I'm so glad to see I've actually missed 2 posts. I was going through withdrawals lol.