Monday, April 18, 2011

Life looks better from a fine horse

Life looks better when you are sitting a top a fine horse!

Above Picture:
Riding Big Boy! What a nice horse!
We were holding the herd with help from Ben, the dog. Whom I might add only came with us because his owner said "Go help her" :)

Good Morning Friends,

Just wanted to check in this morning and jot down some of my thoughts on the weekend. My mind was running wild last night when we finally made it home from branding. So many things to be thankful for!!! Here is a quick trip through the hundreds of miles that we drove to spend a few days in Nevada.

Sun setting on the day as we are reaching our final destination.
Mom, Rita, and I met up along the trail and made the trek to Adaven, Nevada.

3:30 am the alarm clock would go off and start a nice day of gathering &
Head'n and Heelin' baby calves!
Everything was brought to the fire to receive a brand, shots, and an ear mark.
They put on a great branding and it was a honor to be there!

Sittin a top a fine horse with a good dog on a beautiful sunshine day.
Doesn't get much better than that!

Even the trucking part was fabulous. Warm sunshine looking over the whole land and green grass pushing up through desert floor!

Pictured above ~ Hauling cattle to the north ranch.
Getting acquainted with the water hole.
A lil' Moonlight Mechanic work as we aired up a flat tire.
(Ok, they worked & I played with my camera)

Moon rising over the Nevada desert. It was spectacular!
Perfect end to a perfect day!

GREAT WEEKEND!!! So many blessings to be thankful for! Here are a few things that made the weekend fabulous!

  • Thank you so much to my beautiful talented & amazing Mom for loading up and taking us girls down to Nevada to brand.
  • It was so much fun! Rita and I got along relatively well, the entire weekend. She is a rock star! Did really good in the branding pen & even had a wicked awesome back hand shot. My sis is awesome!
  • Thankful for my mom! She is such a great example! She can ride, rope, and do just about anything! So proud to be her daughter!
  • Thankful for the Martiny and Harwood saddles to ride! Life does look better from the seat of a well made saddle!
  • Rode one of the nicest horses I've ever been on. Thank you for letting all of us ride such nice horses.
  • Surrounded by handy people. Learned so much from the talented cowboys around us
  • No people got cut, branded, or given a that's always good ;)
  • Great food, friends, and weather! Can't ask for much more than that!
Hope you are all having a wonderful spring and branding season is treating you well!
Thanks so much for traveling down the gypsy trail with me today!

Peace be with you. May the Lord's love fill your heart and may his blessings overflow throughout every part of your life!

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