Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Martiny Leather Carved Glass Cutting Boards

Rodeos & Wedding Season are upon us!  There must be something in the water up here because I have almost as many weddings to attend as I do rodeos this summer. Today, I wanted to share with you one of "Go To Wedding Gifts" and a favorite Martiny Leather Co. products, Leather Carved Glass Cutting Boards.  These are a timeless treasure.  Classic Martiny leather carving designs displayed perfectly in a glass cutting board.  Both, beautiful and functional.  Mom has her cutting board proudly displayed in her kitchen and uses it as a cutting board daily.  Mine is beautiful counter top art and also used as a trivet when serving hot dishes.  
Two sizes available:  small 8” x 11”  and large 12” x 15”
Strong tempered glass is both durable and functional, serving as both cutting boards and as heat-resistant trivets.  Cutting boards are easily cleaned with soap and water. Two sizes available:  small 8” x 11”  and large 12” x 15”  
Here are a few of the beautiful Western Cutting Boards available:

Martiny Sunflowers Glass Cutting Board
 Martiny Leather Carved Cutting Boards are beautiful an functional.
  • Cutting Board
  • Trivet 
  • Beautiful Kitchen Decor
Martiny  Daffodil Glass Cutting Board

Jordan Valley Big Loop Bronc
Glass Cutting Board

Jordan Valley Big Loop Team
Glass Cutting Board
Martiny Sweet Nectar Glass Cutting Board
Unique, one of a kind

Martiny Sunflower Glass Cutting Board

Beautiful and unique gift ideas for weddings or anniversary's.  Consider Martiny Glass Cutting Boards for your next special occassion!
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Nancy Martiny 83253
159 Hooper Lane
May, ID
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Martiny Daffodil Glass Cutting Board
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