Friday, June 29, 2012

Bull Riding and Mini Golf

Bull Riding, Mini Golf, White Lines, Moon Light, All Night Drives, Rodeo, and everything in between.
Monday night at 11 p.m. we set out on a grand adventure to Reno, Nevada. By the next morning, we were shopping at the legendary D-M store and visiting with Jack Bassett 

Pretty sure I need a wooden Indian...just sayin
D-M in Reno, Nevada.  What a fun store!
 By 11 am, we were at the JJJ Arena.  Tucked away in what seemed almost like crowded suburbs to this small town Idaho girl, was a Bad A little bucking bull arena.  I had to snap a few pictures.  What a fun afternoon.  Thank you so much to the Clark family for welcoming us to their place. 

Joe Clark picture
 Before the bull riding got kicked off, we took advantage of a little down time.  Touring through the amazing rodeo history displayed in the Clark home.  An amazing collection of rodeo pictures and memorabilia.  Above is a picture of Joe Clark riding a bull.  Below is the wickest calf riding picture I've ever seen. 
Johnny Howell
 Still waiting on a load of bulls to arrive (Dang contractors...they're always late :) The guys decided to play a little golf.  That's right GOLF, right in the back yard!
JJJ Club House Golf Balls & Clubs
Bull fighters, bull riders, & GOLFERS
Quite Please

I would like to use some witty golf terminology right now but not my area of expertise :)
Bull Rider Mini Golf  Style
Hmmm, what's on the other side of that fence?????
Why, a Pen full of RODEO BULLS is on the other side of the mini golf fence
Single file, the JJJ Rodeo Bulls trail through the sort gate one at at time. 
James Clark on the gate

Contestants Only

 Let the games begin!  It's time to Buck some bulls!

Let'em Dance in the Big Pen Boys

Cutest little arena ever.  Even had VIP seating and Grand stands

Bucking Bulls and Bull Fighter Border Collies
Loved this set of dogs. 
 Thank You, again to the Clark family for letting us come to your bull riding.  It was a pleasure to meet you all.  A special Thank You to James and JoAnn for letting us stay.  Hope to see you again soon down the rodeo trail. 

Amazing beaded skull in the guest bedroom
Rollin on home from Reno!
Over 24 hours on the road, meeting more fun people than I could count, 2 different stops to get horses, and a few gas station stops in between. Throw in a perf of the Reno Rodeo, storage units, stock trailers, and family....that pretty much sums up Reno Run!   6:30 am Thursday morning back in Idaho and ready to hit the rodeo trail again.  Oh summer fun! 
Thank you so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me.  Happy 4th of July and Merry Cowboy Christmas to everyone on the rodeo trail! ~ Mindy

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