Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 Art of the Cowboy WINNER NANCY MARTINY

Drum Roll ......the WINNER of the 2012 Art of the Cowboy is NANCY MARTINY!!!!

It is my pleasure to announce (and brag on) my beautiful mother, Ms Nancy Martiny as the Winner of the several categories at the 2012 Art of the Cowboy Makers Show!  Below are results and pictures of the championship pieces.

2012 Art of the Cowboy Makers contest results

1st: Nancy Martiny - Id.
2nd: Don Butler - Wy.
3rd: Chris Andre - Co.
People's Choice - Nancy Martiny - Id.

Championship Chaps by Nancy Martiny 

Leather Carving:
1st: Nancy Martiny - Id.
2nd: Don Butler - Wy
3rd: Mike Eslick - Ok.
People's Choice: Nancy Martiny - Id.

Championship Leather Carving ~ Handmade leather purse masterpiece by Nancy Martiny 

1st: Don Butler - Wy.
2nd: Nancy Martiny - Id.
3rd: Terry Henson - Tx.
People's Choice: Don Butler - Wy.
Award Winning Custom Saddle by Nancy Martiny 
1st: Alison Stockland - Or.
2nd: Diane DeWeese - Wa.
3rd: Darin Alexander - Ak.
People's Choice: Alison Stockland - Or.

1st: Rex Crawford - Co.
2nd: Kendall Smith - Mt.
3rd: Bev Gilger - Id.
People's Choice: Rex Crawford - Co.

1st: Kody Jacobs - Ut.
2nd: Holly Jacobs - Ut.
3rd: Klaus Inderfurth - Germany
People's Choice: Gene Baldwin - Or.

1st: Dossie Cribbs - Tx.
2nd: Rex Crawford - Co.
3rd: Gannon Leifheit - Co.
People's Choice: Dossie Cribbs - Tx.
1st: Paul Krause - Az.
2nd: Dan Schwarz & Keni Crane - Mt.
3rd: Bill Niemczyk - Ct.
People's Choice: Shane Deeter - Ut. 

1st: Eberth Chauca - Peru
2nd: Pablo Lozano - Argentina
3rd: Chris Barr - Australia
Peoples Choice: Ed Pass - Az.

1st: Rainie Schwarz - Mt.  (Boots)
2nd: Rachel Freshour - Or. (Saddle)
3rd: Toby Barr - Australia  (Whip)
People's Choice: Rachel Freshour - Or.  (Saddle)

Congratulations to all the winners!  It was a stiff competition in every category, over 100 entries from 7 countries and 22 states.  So proud of the beautiful Ms. Nancy Martiny and her award winning leather craftmenship! 

To see more of Nancy Martiny's Leather Work or ORDER your own Martiny Custom Leather Piece:

Martiny Saddle Co.
Nancy Martiny
Phone: 208-876-4227
Fan Mail:
159 Hooper Lane
May, ID 83253

Thank YOU so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today!  Hope you enjoyed a peek at the amazingness coming out of the Nancy Martiny Saddle Shop! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again real soon. ~Mindy 

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