Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 Rodeo Trail

Just getting ready to start the 4th of July Rodeo Run.  What a wonderful time of year. Blue skies, sunshine, bucking horses! Cowboys piling in rigs headed to the rodeo to ride a bronc that's never been rode.  Communities working together in celebration.  LOVE this time of year!  Wanted to take a second to give thanks and count a few blessings from the rodeo trail

Rita and Mindy Hoggan on the rodeo trail
  •     Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo:  Pink Tents and Tattoos!  Lil' Red Roan had the opportunity to set up a booth with Martiny Saddle at the Jordan Valley Big Loop.  Thank you so much to all the great friends, old and new that made the Jordan Valley Big Loop weekend great!  The beautiful Jenny Rountree and Jana Davis were always stopping by to soak up some of the PINK rays being cast off from the tent.  Thank you to the KING Girls, Grace, Gwen, & Georgia for being such wonderful sales girls, Thank you to Charlie Newell & all the booth neighbors for helping set up wall tents and just being neighborly.  Thank you to Teri and Calamityville for all not only being a wonderful neighbor but also sharing her sunshine everywhere she goes.  Thank you to Ms Rena Uhalde for sharing her home with us and being the best hostess ever.  (Oh my that lovley lady can cook!) Thank you to my beautiful mother for being such a shining example of class, hard work and just all around amazing.  Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to each and every person that stopped by to shop, visit or say hello.  What a wonderful weekend with friends!  Thank You to my beautiful cousin, Dana Dee Howard for letting me stay, reguardless the hour of arrival.  So blessed!
    Lil' Red Roan Booth ~ Jordan Valley Big Loop 2012 ~ Soaking in the glow of the Pink Tent
  • R.C. Bean Saddlery ~ Thank you so much to Bob Bean for taking the time to visit with me and share a piece of their family history.  Had such a great time learning about their beginnings .
  • Dirty Rotten Buckers ~ Wild weekend with a bunch of Dirty Rotten Buckers!  Not a weekend for the week of heart.  Dress warm, buck horses and have all the fun you want!  Thank you to the Bob Marriott Family for all the hard work they put in year round to make the Dirty Rotten Bucking Futurity a success!  Thank you to Melina Zamora, secretary extraordinaire!  So much fun spending the weekend with rodeo friends! 
  • Annie Dalling Wedding ~ Congratulations to long time friend, Ms Annie Dalling!  Marrying her high school sweetheart.  Wishing you a life time of Happily Ever After!  Love you! 
  • Meaghan Zielinski Wedding ~ Congratulations to the newly weds, Meghan and Bryce Foos!  Beautiful ceremony.  Gathered together with friends new and old.  Huge shout out to the beautiful Ms Patty Whitaker, creative genious and one of the most talented ladies I know!  It is always fun to spend the day!
    Decorating for Foos Wedding ~ Patty Whitaker and Me!
  • Starting and Training Cowdogs with Rodney Hopwood:  HUGE Thank You to my Uncle, Rodney Hopwood for letting me attend his cowdog clinic at the Martiny Ranch.  I learned so much.  Thank you to by handsome Grandpa, Bill Brockman for amazing dutch oven dinners. Thank you to Jim and Nancy Martiny for the amazing hospitality all the way around.  Lucky girl with a very talented family!

  • Jess Martin Bucking Horse Futurity: AWESOME Weekend at the 2012 Whitehall Bucking Horse Futurity! CONGRATULATIONS to Realbird Rodeo on the 2012 Remuda Award
    Monida Rodeo Co. for taking home 2nd place Remuda honors. Lori Franzen proudly received the HIGH POINT HORSE award. Jake Costello was the championship bronc rider! Whitehall, MT was an amazing host & it was a honor to be a part of such a great event!  A special Thank You to Jess Martin for the opportunity to work.  Always a pleasure to be on the rodeo trail with friends. 
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Zac & Joy!  Not only did they tie the knot and are enjoying wedded bliss but they are also my heros!  Truely amazing FEARLESS HEARTS!  Love the adventure! Click the link to see some of their fearless tales! Love them! Two Fools on a Trip 
  • Idaho State High School Finals ~ Congratulations to Garret Smith!  What a lil' stud!  Had a horse roll over on top of him.  A few sections later he came back to make an AMAZING Bull Ride and show them up on another bronc too!  Way to Go Gar- Man! Fun day visiting with friends and chilling with family. 
    Rita, Mindy and Jay Hoggan Idaho HS Finals 2012

    Georgia Hugs!  Love the King Girls
  •  Norm Harris : Just wanted to give a shout out to the Norm Harris crew.  THANK YOU so much for letting me stop by and visit.  Always great to get to stop by.  Friends are truly the stops that make the rodeo trail great.  
  • Clark County Rodeo ~ Dubois, ID: Congratulations to Clark County and Hoggan Rodeo on another successful rodeo!  What a hard working community.   Thank you for the oppurtunity to be a part of your rodeo weekend.  Parades, Cook Shacks, Kids Rodeos, Live Bands, Spirits, Steak Dinners, and more.  Dubois had a little something for everyone and the entire community works so hard to put it all together.  A special THANK YOU to the Rodeo Board and all its members for the year round work put into this weekend and the betterment of the community.  Thank You for all you do! 
    The party is 2nd to none!  Live band set up in the sagebrush, bucking bulls and horses loose, and wild cowboys in the mix!  Good time had by all (atleast all that wanted to have them ;)
    Wild night in Dubois!  Live Band, sagebrush, cowboys and fun!
  • Essential Oil Class:  Huge THANK You to Scott and Shyanne Hathaway for taking time to come teach a  Essential Oils class in Dubois, Id.   Thank You to Ms Keri Ellis for hosting the class.  So much fun to share health with friends.   
  • Spank Martiny Memorial Rodeo:  The rodeo trail took Rita and I to Challis, Idaho for the 3rd annual Spank Martiny Memorial Rodeo.  No better time to be with family and friends.  Congratulations to Monte Johnson and Jace Hutchinson for earning Championship titles.  The Spank Memorial, not only is done as a tribute to a young man that was taken too soon, but it is produced by Spanks friends and family.  A portion of the proceeds to donated to those in need in the community.  What a legacy and ongoing example to all those around.  THANK YOU to the handsome Slagowski boys, Wyatt and Will and their beautiful mother, Nicole, for letting me sit by them during the rodeo.   
  • May Day: Spent the day in May, ID with family.
Mom lovin on one of her favorites
Down by the River
Horses in the clearing 

Thank You so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today!  Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July Celebration and a Merry Cowboy Christmas! 
Happy Trails,

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  1. Holy Cow Girl! (get it? haha) You have been busy! Your blog is soooo perfectly named!!! Have a Great 4th!

  2. haha :) Thanks so much Teri! Happy 4th to you also