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R.C. Bean Saddlery

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Years ago, while on the trail for Stoecklein Publishing, I had the opportunity to not only visit the FINEST Western Stores in the West but to make some amazing friends along the way.  Today, I would like to share a with you RC Bean Saddlery,  a lil' store just off the interstate in Idaho's beautiful Treasure Valley. 

RC BEAN Beginnings:
A Tandy Leather Kit under the Christmas tree would be the spark that ignited Rick Bean's interest in leather work.  The neighbors were saddle makers, and let Rick clean the shop.  Soon, he was cleaning saddles, then making belts, lots of belts.  RC Bean Saddlery was established in 1978.
 No one really wanted to buy a saddle from a 17 year old kid.  The core of the business began making harnesses.  The family raised Draft horses and they sold a set of harness with the teams they sold.  RC Bean built harness for big names like MGM and Wells Fargo.  Building harness and doing repairs, soon a customer base began to grow. 
RC Bean Saddlery ~ A Family Business
Bean’s are not only a third generation ranching family but also a family of talented artisans and gear makers. 
Rick Bean: Saddle Maker  & Silversmith
Bill Bean: Tree Maker
Jake Filmore, a nephew, does all their repairs and makes the pack saddles, holsters, ect.
Bob Bean is in charge RC Bean's Retail Operations and was kind enough to let me share RC Bean Saddlery with all the Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails readers.  As we visited,  I could see pictures of loved ones covering the wall by the register.  Bob proudly shared his family's history and complimented the achievements and talents of the family members that work to make RC Bean Saddlery the premier shop it is today. 

Saddle Shop Bob: 
When a grandson was asked what his Grandpas name was....he thought for a moment and without hesitation answered, "Saddle Shop Bob".  Just as he had heard his grandpa say many times at the shop when answering the phone...Saddle Shop, Bob speaking :)   Bob is also most likely the smiling face that will greet you as you walk through the RC Bean Saddlery doors.  When asked what his favorite thing about RC Bean he quickly replied, "Kids!"  Getting to help kids getting started and involved with horses.  Also, Bob commented that he raised both boys in the saddle shop.  That is something you couldn’t do anywhere else.  It made them outgoing and respectful and they still carry that with them today. 
Bob Bean ~ RC Bean Saddldery

RC Bean Saddlery Today:
RC Bean strives to carry quality products at a fair price.  They carry unique items, and  have a reputation for being honest.  Amazing customer service has achieved a very loyal customer base.
Here is a glimpse inside the world class  RC Bean Saddlery.  Carrying top of the line saddles, stirrups, headstalls, ropes, saddle blankets, jewelry, and just about anything the horseman's heart desires. 

Rick Bean Saddles ~ Center Stage

Guns & Roses!  Gorgeous Rick Bean Saddle & Silver

Guns & Roses Saddle on display. 
Amazing detail in both leather & silver craftsmanship

Stand out Silver ~Longhorn

Loving the use of knife cuts and the rope border

Sea of Saddles~ view as you walk into the front room of the saddle shop
Bits Galore

Racks of Ropes in every color, & size

Collection of Conchos to make any Cowboy's heart skip a beat
Cowboy Candy!
Gift Section filled with unique and beautiful treasures

Stunning in Sterling Jewelry

Cowgirl Tack
 THANK YOU AGAIN to RC BEAN SADDLERY for welcoming us in for a visit.  One of the finest Saddle Shops in the West!  Thank you to all the Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails friends for traveling with us today.  If you'd like to learn more about RC Bean Saddlery here is info so you can stop by & say hello!  Tell them Lil' Red Roan sent you! 
R.C. Bean Saddlery
7100 Star Road
Meridian, ID 83646
Phone: 208-286-7602

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