Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Rodeo Riches~
Standing behind the chutes as we bucked a section of bulls, I caught a glimpse of neon lights off in background.  It wasn’t until that moment that I had even remembered we were even in such a big town.  Remembering all the traffic lights and maneuvering required just to navigate your way from the room to the rodeo grounds.  Malfunction junction and the thousands of people hustling and bustling through the streets of Missoula are quickly drownd out.  Lost in the sounds Powder River panels creaking as you sort,  of pounding hooves moving down the alley way to load and the smells of fresh turned arena dirt.  The 1st latch cracks open and you could be a 100 miles from town, the rest of the world fades away and the rodeo begins.
  • THANKFUL for a weekend of RODEO RICHES!   RICH in FRIENDS, RODEO FAMILY, and more blessings than a girl can count. 
  • Thankful for big strong bucking horses out on gorgeous green pasture.
  • Thankful for dependable trucks that run good and haul even better.
  • Thankful for beautiful black saddle horses to gather on.  Thank You Murphy!
  • Thankful for handy ranch raised kids that know how to work.
  • Thankful for friends with hot meals and warm beds. 
  • Thankful for reunions with old friends, making new friends, and rodeo family who will stay in your heart forever, regardless the miles between you.
  • Thankful for Blue Skies and SUNSHINE that follows us everywhere we go.
  • Thankful for an amazing crew!  Couldn’t ask for better people to work with.  Great contractors, pickup men, bullfighters, judges, secretaries, coaches, contestants, parents, and fans.
  • Thankful for sponsors and everyone who works so hard to make a rodeo magic happen.
  • Thankful to Kevin and the Missoula college rodeo team for allowing us to be a part of their Regional Finals Rodeo.
  • Thankful to Jess Martin, Fred Hirschy and MONIDA RODEO for the opportunity to RODEO!
  • Thankful for my family!  Loved rodeoing with my sister and Dad. 
  • Thankful for every beautiful  JUMP and KICK of every bucking horse this weekend.
  • Thankful for RODEO!

So many blessings to be thankful for! Thank you so much for stopping by to travel the trail with me.  Wishing everyone weekends filled with lots and lots of RODEO RICHES!  ~ Mindy
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  1. Thankful for you, cowgirl.
    "One day she'll look back and recall the role she played. Thankful fir the blessings shared and every choice she made." Bernard Price from The Cowgirl
    Keep up the great work and stories of our West!

  2. It made me happy to read this post! Especially all of your thank you's!!! We had a rodeo this past weekend in too. My husband works behind the scenes and it always warms my heart when a rider will come back and thank the stock contractor, pickup men and fighters. Great Post!! P.S those leather wrist bands are wonderful!!! Love the tooling and use of beads! Fantastic!

  3. Thanks so much Elizabeth! <3

  4. I'm glad that rodeo season has swung back around! It has been a lonnnggg winter. I am ready to hit the road! There is SO much to be thankful for!! Love this post. The leather wrist bands are sa-weet! I definitely want one! (:

  5. Thanks so much Hillbilly Goddess! I agree whole heartledly! Have a great weekend ~ Mindy